Are paper books more suitable than eBooks?

“Shall I cook, clean or do the grocery shopping? Okay reading it is.” Yes, I read these lines somewhere while surfing through internet and this is what grabbed my attention towards the passion of reading among us. We all love to read something or the other, through digital media or through published one, anytime anywhere to escape from our busy daily routine. Reading feels good!

There are two modes of reading a good story, fact and information; reading through print or reading through electronic gadgets accessible through internet in mediums like computers, phone and tablets. Since, the tablets are serving as a new medium of reading, popularity of published books is fading.

Which is better books or e-books, the debate would never end. But the books are more durable than e-books and audiobooks. Thus, survival of paper books is pretty much guaranteed.The statistics all show that eBook sales are flying through the roof but forums and surveys show that people still want to feel the real book in their hands.Let us examine why such book-lovers are prone to print instead of e-books and they never quit buying or reading printed books and journals.

1)The desirable fact of print is that it beautifies your table along with the coffee. The readers are more comfortable holding and reading through a printed copy than reading through a tablet.

2)Psychologically, we tend to memorize the things we read through print as it makes us to imagine and portray a picture in our minds which is very much easy to commit to memory. However, reading through tablet or laptop doesn’t leave the same impact on our minds.This means that physical material is more ‘real’ to the brain.

small girl reading book. isolated on white background

3)Print is an insightful media because it makes its reader aware of the complex issues and facts that generally human mind forgets. Here, digital medium lags behind, because no matter how much reader try to remember the URLs, and phone numbers and websites, mind usually forgets.

4)Reading online ruins the pleasure of appraisal because reader is continuously poked up by the bombarded ads and popups which have no place in the case of reading through print.When avid readers truly want to relax, they lean back unplug from any technology, and read a good book. This is what pleasure becomes for them.

5)In the course of reading you need to mark some passage or lines in the book then, you will simply grab a pen or highlighter and mark it or scribble in margins. But reading on tablet or ipad you actually have to figure out under which menu the right tool is, how to use it, what its limits are (can I export? save across devices?) and then finally apply it.

Hence, the joy of reading lies in physical presence of a book. All-in-all, it’s not something you can explain in full detail, but rather it’s something felt and expressed by avid book readers everywhere. In simple words, a father will always remain a father and a son will always remain a son. No matter how much technology takes a toll on our lives,the quest to derive peace thrive through simple pleasures, reading a book is surely one of them.
Yes eBooks and websites are helpful when it comes to studying for exams or gathering temporary knowledge but when it comes to actual reading, the yellow paged, hard binded books will always remain our favourites.

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