D2C pregnancy pillow brand Quilt Comfort launches World’s lightest Pregnancy support belly belt

Family members and loved ones of pregnant women try their best to provide them with the comfort they deserve. To make the task easier for them, Quilt Comfort came up with amazing pregnancy pillows. India’s largest pregnancy pillow company is now back with yet another unique product. 

The added weight on your tummy during the second and third trimesters can cause uneasiness and strain your back. This is why Quilt Comfort has launched a Two-in-one belly wrap, which is a pregnancy support belt. The product is all about delivering additional comfort during pregnancy so your back and waist stay pain-free. 

Get the support you need with the Two-in-one belly wrap by Quilt Comfort

A pregnant woman requires comfortable and painless time. Your lower back has to bear excessive weight during the later stages of pregnancy. That weight needs to be evenly distributed to relieve the lower back pain. Quilt Comfort has designed this Two-in-one belly wrap for ultimate back and shoulder support. It evenly redistributes the belly weight along the waist. 

 The belt works by gently lifting the belly to keep it in the right position, which in turn reduces the excessive weight from the lower back. Built by combining all the skin-friendly materials, it is highly harmless. What’s even better is the belt can also be used during the postpartum period to provide relief from back, waist, and shoulder pain. Here is what this super belt by Quilt Comfort does:

  • Pain relief: By distributing the belly weight in a uniform fashion across the waist, your lower- back becomes free from pain. This also minimizes neck and shoulder pain to a great extent. 
  • Enhanced body balance: By handling the belly weight, this belt allows you to focus on other things. You get a balanced body that is strain-free. The belt allows you to move freely without feeling a strain on your lower back. 
  • Lightest belt: Don’t worry about adding extra weight to the body through the belt. Quilt Comfort’s Two-in-one belly wrap is very lightweight and weighs only 180 grams. The sole purpose of this product is to reduce belly weight and equally distribute it throughout the waist. 
  • Double benefits: Made with premium soft materials, this belt works by providing double benefits. Apart from assisting you during the pregnancy journey, the belt also ensures speedy postpartum recovery. 
  • Secure-latch technology: Made with secure-latch technology, the belt distributes belly weight around the waist. The technology eases back, shoulder, and neck pain by reducing stiffness. 

From supporting the baby bump to helping you with daily activities, the Two-in-one belly wrap provides you with ultimate comfort. After all, nothing should come between you and a relaxed pregnancy journey. 

You can buy the product from Quilt Comfort’s official website: https://quiltcomfort.in/products/two-in-one-belly-wrap-by-quilt-comfort-pregnancy-support-belt

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