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These new features of Whatsapp going to give you Goosebumps

The most popular and used instant messaging app Whatsapp is all set to surprise users with its brand new features as a part of its update. Android users are now able to doodle and customize their pictures with emojis before sending them to individual or group chat. You can overlay emoji to the pictures, as well as adding your own handwritten notes in various colors.New updated version of whatsapp would enable you to see the new editing and doodling tools while capturing or sharing the saved pictures in your android smartphones. However, this feature is currently not available in iOS.

Apart from the Snapchat like features, whatsapp has also launched the video calling feature in beta mode, for now in windows phone only. It hasn’t been rolled in Android and iOS but it will soon. The feature was first spotted by a Spanish website, which reported that a few beta testers were seeing video calling option in their Windows handsets. The user is given two options when pressing the call button in the app: voice and video calls. While the voice calling is already available in the app, the video calling enables the users to view the video of the person he or she has called via chat app.

Well, after whatsapp calling, video calling feature is all set to double its popularity among the users.

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Institutions in Delhi under radar of women commission; unjustified hostel timings for girls

A number of universities and colleges in Delhi have received the notice on Thursday, from the Delhi Commission of Women seeking response and clarification on the different timings of entries and exits in their hostels for girls and boys. A student activist group Pinjra Tod had reported the accounts of discrimination against female students to stay out of hostels more than the prescribed time which differs with that of the male students.

After DCW asked for the details of hostel timings, it became clear that Pinjra Tod is right in its assertions the moment the seven universities and colleges in Delhi found regulating the biased timings. The 7 institutions are Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Jamia Hamdard, Jamia Milia Islamia,Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi Technological University and A&U Tibbia College.

The 12 institutions which have same timings of entry and exit for girls and boys include Keshav Mahavidyalaya, Ambedkar University, National Law University, Delhi, Ramjas College, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Jawahar Lal Nehru University and National School of Drama.

DCW has summoned other institutions which have not responded. Swati Maliwal, chief of DCW promises to look at the matter and do justice to the autonomy of hostel girls restricted in the popular colleges in Delhi. After this, girls are assured that a serious action will be taken against such unfair hostel rules.


Delhi University

How Delhi Police taught a lesson to DU students to take care of their Mobile Phones from Snatchers

Delhi Police has taken the charge to alert DU students of mobile snatching by conducting an attentiveness drive in North campus, Delhi University. From last few weeks, mobile theft cases around North Campus have been reported to the police station which alarmed police to make DU students more cautious. An elegant well-dressed girl in her 20s driving in white Brio roams around the campus and students with the intention of snatching their mobile phones away in a very sophisticated way. In her car, she reaches up to any student and asks to let her make an emergency call claiming that her phone is out of battery. Students considering her a humble girl give away their phones in order to help but the moment she gets hold of the phone, a man with her in Brio drives away making the owners of the phones shouting behind them.

However the thief is still not caught by the police, in initiative has been taken by the police in order to warn the students of the different possibilities and tactics that thieves usually use in order to con them. Two cops in plain clothes, following the same pattern as the thieves, drove off with students’ phones to teach them to be more careful. Initially, students were shocked how someone like this could drive off with their phones but later; police restoring their identity informed them that it is the harsh reality that people actually do such things to steal phones. It is new innovative and witty tactics used by new educated thieves as according to police, thieves speak fluent English and look very elegant that no one could actually get a single doubt against them.

Aarti Sharma, SHO, Maurice Nagar, and sub-inspector Ram Chandra also spoke to students travelling in rickshaws. They explained how students often plug earphones in and carry their phones in the hands so irresolutely that anyone could readily snatch it away while travelling in bus, metro, rickshaws or simply walking down the road. Police has advised numerous careful things to avoid snatching their valuable belongings.

Image Source: BCCL/Lokesh Kashyap (Published on TOI)
Image Source: BCCL/Lokesh Kashyap (Published on TOI)
Image Source: BCCL/Lokesh Kashyap (Published on TOI)
Image Source: BCCL/Lokesh Kashyap (Published on TOI)
Image Source: BCCL/Lokesh Kashyap (Published on TOI)
Image Source: BCCL/Lokesh Kashyap (Published on TOI)

Source: Times of India

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Effigies of PM Modi and Ramdev burnt in JNU

Earlier, Jawaharlal Nehru University used to be popular for its standard of education accessible to all strata of society. But the picture is changed as soon as “bharatkibarbadi” is heard in the campus of JNU. The controversy has brought never ending series of tumult in the campus bringing bad reputation to the once popular university.

A week ago, JNU legally summoned its four students in the accusation of burning effigies of Gujarat Government and Goraksha, the matter is not resolved yet subsequently the new upheaval has overtook it.  The members of congress affiliated NSUI were spotted burning the effigies of PM Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah tuesday night, at SaraswatiDhaba in the campus celebrating Dusshera- victory of truth over evil.

Besides Modi and Shah, the effigy had faces of Yoga guru Ramdev, Sadhvi Pragya, Nathuram Godse, Asaram Bapu and JNU vice-chancellor Jagadesh Kumar. The students also carried placards with the slogan, ‘Truth shall prevail over evil”.

Image is taken from Anil Meena's Facebook profile
Image is taken from Anil Meena’s Facebook profile

According to NSUI activist Sunny Diman, the effigy-burning was to symbolize their dissatisfaction with the current government. The idea is to root out the evil from governance and bring about a system that is pro-student and pro-people.

Is this the correct way to protest or not, that is the question.However, with reference to the recent political activities JNU has become the center of politics, controversy and less a studious environmental University.

Aligarh Muslim University Allahabad University Featured Post Nishi Dangi

Accusations of indiscretions by VCs of AMU and Allahabad University, HRD Minister to conduct investigations

Newly appointed HRD Minister Prakash Javedkar has proposed the set-up of an enquiry against the vice chancellors of Allahabad University and Aligarh Muslim University in front of the President. Allegations of financial, administrative and academic irregularities had been made against the two universities, and HRD Ministry couldn’t take the risk of not attending the complaints.

Zameeruddin Shah

After the approval of the proposal against Zameeruddin Shah, VC of the Aligarh Muslim University and R L Hangloo, VC of Allahabad University, an explanation would be expected why the complaints of academic and administrative indiscretions have not been attended by them.
Lt Gen (Retd) Zameeruddin Shah appointed by the UPA government recently had been the center of controversy on his appointment as Vice-Chancellor after BJP member questioned the selection of army and IAS officers as Vice Chancellors.

The appointment of Prof Hangloo as the Vice-Chancellor of Allahabad University was made by President of India during Irani’s tenure as HRD Minister. Vice- Chancellor has slammed growing “political interference” in the administrative matters of several top universities.

Prof. Hangloo, AU Vice-Chancellor
Prof. Hangloo, AU Vice-Chancellor

Several irregularities are mentioned in the proposals of HRD Ministry against them such as illegal appointments of professors against the seats in the university, transferring collected funds from students to a private trust, depletion of law and order in campus and gender bias among students.

Pranab Mukherjee’s approval is awaited but now, HRD Ministry is determined to find and do justice whether these allegations are true or not.


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Corruption in CUG: VC’s wife appointed as a professor illegally, claims a journalist

Central university of Gujarat:

  • 10-10-2016

Nepotism can get you very far in the world if you’ve got the right connections. That’s what happened in Gujarat central university which famed its name in nepotism as its vice chancellor S.A. Bari appointed his wife as a professor in the university without any recruitment procedure.

Professor S. A. Bari himself joined the Central University of Gujarat as its second Vice Chancellor on 25th August 2014 and within two years he exercised his power to assign his wife Dr. Rachel Bari as a professor on deputation in English Department. This deputation is said to be taken pace through illegal means.

This revelation is claimed by a journalist Shakti Prasad Nayak who is very sure of the continuous corruption associated with the appointment of lecturers in CUG. According to Nayak, it is not a first time that a professor is appointed through illegal means but there are many more whose assignation cannot be justified.

Moreover, the forceful exercise of power on students and other members of administration by VC might had shut their mouths to complain against it which can be one of the reasons why this issue is not discussed by anyone anywhere.

HRD minister Smirti Irani also appear silent on this internal duplicity in CUG because Nayak has already written two letters to HRD ministry in account of this but a reply has not been made nor an investigation committee has been set up till now. Possibility is less that those letters have not reached to her but until she herself comes forward and provides a satisfactory assurance in this case, it shows the lack of vim of the HRD ministry.

Such deputation denies other candidates career opportunities that might need it more or deserved it more. This case also questions ‘the idol image’ of Gujarat created by Modi ji whether that portrayal of the state without any corruption and deceitfulness is loyal or is it just lacks the careful observation by media?


Jawaharlal Nehru University Nishi Dangi

JNU issues summon to four students in account of burning effigies of Gujarat Government and Goraksha

New Delhi:

Jawaharlal Nehru University again came to the limelight after another controversy created by the JNU students. JNU administration has given the notice to the students as soon as the effigy of ‘Gujarat Government’ and ‘Goraksha’ was seen burning down in the JNU campus.

Who served show cause notice?

The names of accused students are Rama Naga, Abdul Matin, Praveen and Manikant. Rama Naga is also accused and reported in the case of uttering anti patriotic cries in the campus in February this year.

However, JNU has not announced it officially and refuse to make clear the statements written in the given notice to the students which says,” It is in account of a report dated 21st September which is related to the incident of burning the effigies of Gujarat Government and Goraksha took place on 19th september 2016 at Sabarmati Dhaba. You are ordered to report at the front of prosecutor on 14th October.”

The ex leader of JNU Student Union, Akbar Chaudhary stood against the administration saying,” students of the university are continuously accused of one or another againstand for the sake of a mere boycott of students from politics. It is a tactic of the admin and VC to make JNU  ‘idol university’ among the population.”

Source: Navbharat Times

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Transexual activist Kalki encouragingly becoming the voice of voiceless among many

LGBT community is getting recognition and widely accepted all over the world. This recognition provides another goal for developing India to achieve for a better society. Since, our childhood we see how transgender or hijras are treated in our society. It is such hypocrisy that on one hand, their blessings are considered purest of all where on the other their presence among us on regular permanent days are considered bane.

A glass ceiling that has been constructed for them by the society kept them from reaching the heights of success. But here is a beautiful person who understands the importance of being free, accepted and independent especially in LGBT community .This person is Kalki Subramaniam; a transgender rights activist, artist, actor, writer and entrepreneur from Tamil Nadu.

She is the first transsexual woman in India to do a lead role in a motion picture. For over 10 years, she works for establishing social, economic, and environmental justice for Trans genders, intersex and gender non-confirming people and to eliminate oppression and exclusion. In 2008, she founded the Sahodari Foundation, an organization that advocates for transgender people in India.

The organization is based in Kottakarai, Auroville in Tamil Nadu state in India. Kalki founded this organization for social, economic, and political justice for transgender people and gender nonconforming people in 2008. Kalki took note of how Trans people are denied recognition and access to every small thing which a man or a woman can easily get. Instead they become a stock of criticism, humiliation, and mocked at.

Hence, there begins the good work of Sahodari Foundation because the activists here realize that this is a serious issue less talked about and stood against, so there is an extreme need to raise this issue as humiliation, injustice not a story of single Trans but there a number of Trans people who are forced to shame themselves just because there are born different from the assigned gender roles or they choose to be women.

And Sahodari Foundation is a hope and a savior for Trans people all over the country where they can ask whatever they want without any hesitation. Since 2012, there focus is on legal recognition and campaigned in many places in India among the Judiciary for legal recognition.

Her task and courage must be appreciated for there are only a few who takes the charge to take care of the backward communities and include them in mainstream culture.

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True side of implementation of Reservation Policy in JNU; Only 9 professors in reserved category

Jawaharlal Nehru University has been the center of focus of media for many reasons but recently it hits the headlines as soon as RTI produces statistics of the acting professors in various departments. According to RTI’s latest report, the existing professors in JNU has total number of 111 out of which 100 belong to the general category, 9 belong to the SC category, and 2 belong to the PH category.

However 215 Associate professors belong to the general category, 17, 4, 2 belong to SC, ST, PH category respectively making out a total of 238 seats. Whereas 252 Assistant Professors are there in which 174 came under general category.

Apart from this, 606 teachers are also present out of which 489 are from general category. Only 20% of teachers have been appointed on the basis of reservation.

However, this shocking report reveals that where people criticize the reservation policy says general category lag behind, this report is enough to shut those mouths as here the reserved ones haven’t got their own reserved seats; general category overshadowed the reservations in JNU.

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These DU girls setting up a perfect example of self-reliability all we need today

Delhi University is better known for its hustle bustle in and around North Campus and its students are known for their new happenings every now and then. This is what makes DU attractive.

And The DU Elections are no less than Delhi Government’s elections. The difference is DU campuses become a heap of pamphlets during the manifestos. Well, heap is a much plain word to describe the scenario of the campuses.
no-poster-partyNot only walls of colleges become marred but the roads turn into some paper carpet that has been roll off to welcome the elections. It appears less a university campus where everything must be decent. Much greater the irony is to see that this is done by students of the same university trying to get votes in order to become a responsible caretaker of the students meant to preserve their educational environment.

Well, passing across the campus roads we criticize elections and the supporters, representatives who have disfigured the site of our colleges’ campuses and boundaries. But least number of people care to find a way out and to step forward to take the charge to make our surroundings clean.Among these least amount of people are the seven students of Miranda House, Delhi University; Simran kapoor, Maria Hasan, Kanupriya Awathi, Nancy Sharma, Swastika Kharbanda, Jaya Chauhan, and Aditi who cared enough to take a step and make their campuses clean without any politics or blaming it to others. These girls made their own group named ‘No Poster Party’ against the litters and the wastage of papers that student parties do in order to promote themselves around campus .
no-poster-partyThey simply made a Facebook group in order to spread the word of awareness among the student population to make it a great success and clean the campus poster free and litter free. It is noteworthy that they used social media to promote their campaign. It is a perfect example of promoting a particular event can be done in a proper way; using technology not necessarily the paper which must be saved, not misused.

Thus, No Poster Party(NPP) made its first step in a right direction. And what else do the students want? They formed the group of girls and divided the strength of students in three teams and dispersed in the campus and completed the task of cleaning DU.

Now, what to do of the collected wasted paper pamphlets. They first decided to give it to the Recycling Unit but failed unexpectedly. So, they gave it to the scrap dealers and dumped the rest. Hence, these students did something with responsibility which is not even imagined earlier by anyone. The winning student parties must realize their responsibility to keep the campus clean after any such promotional events. After all, every student votes the representative in hope of bringing a change. And change begins with ordinary things.

It is a matter of being responsible especially when you are educated and well aware of importance of cleanliness and resources. And the way these young ones themselves took the charge, every citizen outside the university campus ought to give it a thought that when just a few number of people can bring a little change in an enclosed space, then what would be the future of the country, state, city, locality when each and every citizen come together and think of solving their own problems. This short campaign teach us a few lessons; if you want a change then be an initiator, don’t blame others for their lack of responsibility.

Observing such students working in a right and progressive direction is what gives you the pride of being a part of DU whereas beholding the ones who caused it makes you look pitiable. Though ,people who are appreciating NPP should learn something from it and next time be a part of it and sometime  all of us together can make another change somewhere.