Life and Times of Justice Kamal Narain SinghReview by Lalit Magazine

The Making of a Chief Justice of India: Life and Times of Justice Kamal Narain Singh, published by Readomania, priced at 499 Rs. Penned by Sunita Singh, is a daughter’s loving tribute to a father who rose to the high ranks of the Chief Justice of India. Some photographs from the family’s archives add to the charm of the book. In the 190 pages, we are witness to an ordinary man’s journey to the highest seats of justice in the Supreme Court of India, giving some significant decisions, and dealing with some controversial cases too. From the first page to the last, one can almost see and touch a daughter’s love that every word carries within itself. The loving companionship of her parents is very heartwarmingly depicted, peppered with some interesting anecdotes.

We also get a peek into the life of a man who manages to strike a wonderful balance between home and profession, soaring to great heights. She lovingly writes of ‘the day-to-day moments of being a householder, the moments of fun and romance, of following a passion…” [Epilogue p 180]

My only misgiving being that its high price can be a bit deterring for students of law, who would be keen to read this excellently penned book, which can offer them a lot. It can undoubtedly be great reading material for law students, but for a book of less than 200 pages, I feel that the price is a bit heavy on the pockets. Maybe the publishers have their own logic and justification.

A book which stimulates the intellect, leaving a message in its wake that diligence and a single-minded dedication can really work wonders. A book that every person in the legal profession would love to own, and every student of law would forever cherish.

The author really deserves praise for this well-researched book, and the editor also deserves accolades for the flawless editing. Highly recommended.


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