BAKSHO DEVI – 15 साल की लड़की, पत्थरी की परेशानी के बावजूद भी 5000m भागी !

Baksho Devi has become popular on social media through her strong courage and determination. A 15 year old Baksho Devi ran 5000 metres race barefoot on rocky land despite having stone in her gall bladder. She lives in Una village of Himachal Pradesh. Her father died 9 years before. She is the youngest of all her four sisters.

The age when she would have been enjoying her life like other children, Baksho being a fatherless child manages to help her mother at home while studying at school to earn a living.

She didn’t have a school dress and shoes to participate in race as her family couldn’t afford to buy but she decided to run barefoot. She won a gold medal in the district-level school athletics organized last week by the government defeating other strong runners.

Baksho Devi’s family strives through poverty. She lives with her family in a small hut. Now, she has been shortlisted by the Youth and Sports Department for state level Athletics Meet.

“ For me, P.T Usha is a role model and her passion for athletics is an inspiration,” said Baksho Devi. She herself is determined and wants to fulfil her dream of being like P.T Usha.

Entire family is proud of her. Her mother Mata Vimala Devi said, “Girls should not be measured on the basis of their power.”

This poor daughter is now getting help. She is now going to participate in the state level event. She’ll no more be running barefoot.
A doctor in Salon town has offered to pay for the treatment of Baksho’s gallstone after hearing about her achievements on social media.

Shimla’s finance manager Lokendra Banshool of H.P.G.I.C is ready to give Rs. 5000 to buy a track suit and a pair of shoes for her. Her school gave a track suit and a pair of shoes with Rs. 1000. Also ,a news reporter Mohit Pathak gave Rs. 1100,and a resident of village, Mohan Lal Seni contributed Rs. 500 to help her.

Baksho’s victory has got 30000 likes on facebook with 800 shares and comments. This viral news has set an example for all of us that girls are not less than boys. Baksho Devi is an inspiration for all girls. Girls should be given a chance to show their talents. To achieve something in your life, you need to have strong desire and efforts to work hard towards your goal.

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