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See What happened when a student sings “Aaj Padhane ki Zidd Na Karo” in presence of teacher

See here what happened when a student in Pakistan started singing parody song of famous Ghazal “Aaj jane ki zidd na karo in the classroom in presence of his teacher Zainab

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Tribal activist Soni Sori speaks to Aapka Times after recovering from an acidic chemical attack

Aapka Times  in dialogue with Soni Sori, a tribal right’s activist who was attacked with an acidic chemical the last month. A message to all the women and society at large. We present to you a featured interview with Soni Sori, commemorating the International Working Women’s Day.

You have been working in Bastar for a long time with women,particularly with adivasi women.What type of work do you indulge yourself in and what are the hurdles you need to confront in this concern?

Although I am very much associated with politics, yet the issues that I have been specifically working on has got its roots in what I’ve learnt in my tenure in the jail. I am particularly working on the ongoing battle that is being fought in the name of ‘Naxalism’ between the Chattigharh government and the naxalites.I fight for this cause because during my tenure in the jail, I have witnessed and felt the atrocities with which the police in the name of ‘naxalites’ has been killing adivasis in fake encounters. I work for the rape victims as well.I have been acquainted to such factual Information while I was in the jail and not by reading any books.

You belong to Southern Chattisgharh, could you please share the main cause that pertains to Naxalism,one which is very prominent in Bastar? Why is it so ?

Somewhere it is the policy of the government which has not been able to function properly to bring about the development. For instance,the issue concerning Maoists can end if unemployment eradicated. Education has not been able to spread across those areas.It is again the failed stance of the government that Naxalism is at its peak. It would be morally wrong to end this issue with a war, one can find measures to eradicate this without using fire-arms supplemented by the government. The government on the other hand doesn’t want to end this, instead makes deliberate attempts to increase the problem in its own course.

A lot many reports have mentioned Bastar to be a posh locality inhabiting poor tribals at large. Is it really a posh locality? Is the population actually poor in there? What’s your opinion on it?

To view it at a broader scale, Bastar actually stands out as a place of prominence for the nation today. The places inhabited by our adivasi brothers, the ones which are above forests and rivers, up in the hills is what has been attracting the government for its abundance of resources. It’s all about the habitation of the tribals who reside over lands which are abundant in such rich resources that just in order to occupy the resources is the government killing innocent people on false charges. Well, to see the flipside, adivasis can’t be categorized as poor since their own lands are rich in resources for which they have been fighting for a very long time.

We’ve also heard that there’s an ongoing fight on occupying lands rich in minerals. What would you like to say about this?

It’s the high profile industrialists who want to vacate the place and construct their own companies and the tribals on the other hand are reluctant to give away their lands for they do not need air conditioners, cars or bunglows. Negotiating opinions, I too have tried speaking to our people on assumptions such as, if buildings are constructed on their lands and job opportunities which would eventually increase, there would be massive development in the region. Seeking opinions of people on such assumptions, people stated ” merely one or two generations could live on by being supported by the job opportunities but the lands which we own at present would yield us our own fortune for generations to come, there isn’t any basis to this question, we need our own land. Temporary relaxation won’t suffice”. These days, the way the youth is being educated in the domains of developmental changes, solely industries are being taught to be instrumental of the over all development. The system itself doesn’t realize that absence of forests would lead us to complete darkness of civilization. Recently, education was targeted in an incident in Bastar, where in the students of a school which is placed within the forest were brainwashed as a tactic of political strategy and were made to be agitated against the prospect of acquiring education in the forest. They wanted to leave the forest. I stepped in and made them understand that although they dislike acquiring education in the forest, their parents belong to the same forest.

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JNU मामले पर राज्यसभा सांसद जावेद अली खान का शानदार भाषण

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Sanjay’s Super Team

Sanjay’s Super Team Created by Sanjay Patel, Disney Pixar has released a forty minute clip of a short film, Sanjay’s Super Team. The film is scheduled to be screened before the screening of another Pixar movie, A Good Dinosaur on 25th of November. The clip is depicting how a father and a son, Indo-American, have a funny silent war over volume of television, as father prepares for puja.

The film is supposed to be the experiences of Sanjay Patel himself and of every Indian-American, about how it is hard to fit in foreign and alien culture and people. The short film is a must watch for every Indian.

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Man’s World, Y-films is bringing out another series, Bang Baaja Baraat

After huge success of gender equality web series, Man’s World, Y-films is bringing out another series, Bang Baaja Baraat. The trailer was released on 14th October, 2015. The trailer is a funny take on Indian weddings. Including two families and the couple, the trailer teases you as it promises a series hilariously depicting how couples manage as their families decide whether to accept the couple or not. It is true that in India, two people don’t get married, but it is two families getting married. The new web series stars Ali Fazal, Ayesha Raza, Gajraj Rao, Rajit Kapur, Shernaz Patel, Preetika Chawla, Priyanshu Painyuli, Neil Bhoopalam and debutante Angira Dhar. Ali Fazal and Angira Dhar start off promising each other to be on ‘same page’ as their families are going to meet for first time. As families meet, they learn they are very different. Hilarity ensues. Preparation of big fat wedding starts to take place and the couple tries to manage to keep their families at peace. The trailer has its own funny moments as Gajraj Rao rightly translates bitches as ‘kutiya’ from the bride’s bikni bachalorette party board. Ayesha Raza playing as a simpleton, naiive lady, with ghunghat, is another promising laughing dose. The trailer ends with making a serious suspense, apart from all jest, as they decide to really go forward with wedding, whether they are on ‘same page’. The series starts from 4th November.

[author image=”” ]I am Surbhi Sindhu doing English honours from Bharati College, Delhi University. I teach English language at schools in order to promote ‘global language’. I am currently working upon my French, and want to include it in my writing. I intensely believe that children are the building blocks of a society and need a broad exposure since young age. [/author]

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This is India’s cattiest qawwali!

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This Light Transforms Life

With Eid today, most famous companies are putting their best feet forward. Things are no different for Pepsi Pakistan, who recently released a heartwarming and socially beneficial ad about lighting up peoples lives. Made by JWT Asia Pacific, the ad highlights the fact that, if you buy a Pepsi during Ramzan, then they donate Re 1 towards making eco-friendly lighting towards underprivileged communities. Watch out!


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Donate Eyes

A little girl asks her friend to make her look nice. What follows next will open your eyes. Yes, your eyes! This short video conveys a deep message in a simple way that surely touches your heart and makes you think!

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Purest Form Of Love

We love dogs. We love to play with them. We love to feed them. But, have you ever starved yourself and fed the street dogs, out there?  Not one, not two. About 6-7 dogs daily. And, that too when you have absolutely no source of income?? Check out this amazing video and see what this man has been doing since years. Hat’s off to this amazing guy!

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Desi Parents and Relationships

This man in the screen name of JusReign, is the rage on Youtube. JusReign seems to get Indian Youth like nobody else and has the perfect and the most hilarious way to show it!

And after this we cannot stereotype Punjabis to have bad sense of humour! Eh?


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