Spectrum: Back with a bang

The last 2 years were incredibly difficult for everyone with the advent of
the coronavirus with the education sector experiencing the most
paradigm shifts. Everything from exams and lectures to annual days had
gone online, with college fests, the pride, and joy of college-going
students being no exception.
And out of these innumerable fests to do so, one such fest was
COMMERCE organized by its cultural committee. While the online
editions were an absolute success, the chants of – Jaan hai, Jahaan hai,
Junoon hai, Junoon hai, DilSeSpectrum!!! were solely missed, which
under normal circumstances radiate through the college.
However, the wait is now finally over and Spectrum at Mulund College Of
Commerce is back again entering into its 15th year this time offline, and
is going to be held from 16th to 20th January 2023.

Spectrum alike its name is always known for its broad variety of exciting
& interesting themes, and this year is no different as this year’s theme is
With such an enthralling theme & with the pre-events now underway and
the CL Meet having long done and dusted, in which various contingents
from various parts of the country had been a part of that, we can surely
expect Spectrum to break a few of its own records.
Spread across 28+ events from various categories having events like
Kurukshetra, Arthashastra, Mayanagari, and Bramhanch to name a few,
the entire team of Spectrum is now ready to welcome all of the
participants with open arms and make it a memorable experience for
them so, to all of you, young readers this 16th to 20th January SPECTRUM
at MULUND COLLEGE OF COMMERCE is the place to be.

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