Why Lady Shri Ram (LSR) girls are totally date-able!

The girls of  Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR) are the embodiment of perfection. Here are some reasons why you should definitely date a LSR girl.

  1. They are subline combination of beauty with brains

    Image source: quotesgram.com
    Image source: quotesgram.com
  2. They will probably end up being highly successful

    Image source: mainstreetmix.com
    Image source: mainstreetmix.com

    They are studying in one of the best college in the country which has developed brightest minds in various fields. So chances are that they will end up being famous or really successful.

  3. They have a good sense of English, which is always a big turn-on for men. 😉
  4. They will never run out of topics to talk about
    You will never get bored when they’re around.
  5. They are the most liberal girls you’ve ever met
    Open minded
    You will never find a more open minded girl from any other college.
  6. They are elegant and classy
  7. They have an extremely good fashion sense.
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  8. They won’t be your typical over clingy girlfriend

    They are proud of their independence and self-reliance. So, while they give you lot of space and respect in the relationship, they will expect the same. And that is always healthy for a relationship to work and last.

“Dating an LSR girl is a matter of pride for boys.”

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Sarita-Bhandari.jpg” ]I am Sarita bhandari student of Lady Shri Ram College for Women pursuing BA( HISTORY HONS) 3RD YEAR[/author]

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