As we’re nearing the exam terror with every passing day, group studies seem to be a beating retreat to relax the stress build up, diving it into sections rather than taking it all over in a go. Following are the reasons as to why do we need to work on such community practices in present and continue the same for future as well.

Coping up with the load of syllabus that we need to brush up every now and then, making notes and being confident about each mark to be attempted becomes a tough task at hand. Combined studies bring in better and new ideas and so makes the tough go easier.

Sample papers before exams become a must. Solving them all at once, seems a little stressful and tedious. Yet, circulating them and acquiring different opinions over it becomes interesting, engaging and helps us keeping a track. Not to mention reduce the time and efforts.

Writing academic answers which gel with the examiner’s psyche isn’t an easy task. It requires a variant, yet a lot of effort to contemplate possibilities. Getting new ideas help you to frame your answers in a much better way, because multiple minds bring in more thoughts than one single mind at hand. Group studies can enable one to acquire explanations by dividing topics among each other, thus simplifying the entire process and brainstorming for a single problem can be done and verified by multiple minds.

Group studies always keep you at the gun-point. One might be callous about following the deadline or keep an eye on the clock, but group studies won’t let you do that. Deadlines are met and the work is completed on time with zest.

Studying in groups gives you enough time to giggle and chat amidst the load you deal with simultaneously. Nothing becomes boring or stressful, rather it all becomes meaningful and interesting in the end.

So this exam season try it out and you will yourself experience that with the right amount of team work, the similar efforts will be multiplied and it would be helpful to you and your friends as well. Also it will work as a great exercise to let you know about your managerial skills.

Aapka Times wishes all it’s readers Good Luck for their exams.

[author image=”” ]Naina Grover is doing her major in English literature. She has been an avid writer, surreal fiction being her forte. She has also qualified a certificate course in creative writing from the British Council and has an inclination towards psychoanalytical studies. She is both, a seeker and an explorer with a tinge of inquisitiveness to experiment with both, life and writing at large. As a part of her personal interest, she also writes lyrics for her self-created symphonies and wishes to excel further in her endeavor to take up writing as her career prospect. [/author]

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