Lazy attitude of government towards Higher Education

Mighty people sitting on high positions inside the Government  have dragged ignorance within their attitudes. These people are rich and perhaps don’t know the real problems of real India. They all enjoy their wealth without even caring about the real cream of India I.e students.

I suppose they don’t have mercy to consider the student’s basic needs and demands. All they care is to establish “Economic change” or should I say “Personal benefits”. Less fortunate people aren’t given a chance to grow themselves and this is clearly visible as nothing has been done to assure the increase of Non-net scholarships till now.

Five points that show that the government is  reluctant fulfill our demands.

  1. The central government which is responsible for the funds of universities had got a huge mandate and there is no opposition even. This indicates that they can easily work on this matter, in case they are really interested and can fulfil the desires of students demanding increase in scholarships.
    bid to woo the youth
  2. The Ministry of Human Resource Department’s minister pretends to be deaf while the protest is still proceeding. Though she have told the students that a committee has been set up which will look after these affairs. But she remained silent on continuing the scholarships in an undiluted manner and extension of the increased amount to all public/ gov universities across India, which the students are demanding.
    smriti irani ugc
  3. People inside UGC are controlling and manipulating things on their own and establishing a one-sided welfare within education. ” I know what happens inside the commission, I have earlier also said that this committee was constituted to expand the scope of the fellowship and not to discontinue them” stated Yogendra Yadav who is in solidarity with the movement.
    University Grants Commission (UGC)
  4. Police department is showing no sympathy. From the first day to next days of the massive protest, useless muscle power has been used by policemen to suppress the protestors. Both male and female students have been beaten up brutally while they were protesting silently and the police is itself turning the protest into an aggressive one. Many students have been detained and then released just to prevent students from gathering. Students got terrible scars and wounds, some of them got admitted too.
  5. Ignorance is staying still in the hearts of the arrogant, money-minded people. It is due to  commitment between the Government and World Trade Organization. This commitment will give money  every month, right after the signing up of deal.
    Education is at stake. It is being sold out without assurance for our personal and social growth. We, young people must not be ignored by people from high-class society for we need ourselves to be educated. What can we do if our education gets stained with shame and crisis?
    They should not escape from their responsibilities and should immediately take beneficial actions.

    [author image=”” ]I am Chelsea Flores from Philippines. I am sensitive towards issues of education and deeply worried about the quality of higher education. My aim in life is to be a writer. I love helping people and making friends[/author]

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