Various Online Platforms to Accelerate JEE Main Preparation

Online platforms have become popular among students preparing for various entrance exams such as JEE Main and NEET. A lot of students now opt for the online exam medium due to its various conveniences and thus online preparation seem to be a better option to get familiar with the online mode and paper pattern ofJEE Main.

A lot of the online study material is prepared by IIT experts, and sometimes by IITians themselves. This ensures that the online content is relevant and of high quality, as the one creating it would be familiar with all the traditional study material and content.

In addition to the above points, by far the biggest advantage of online preparation is the flexibility that it offers. Online material is always available at the click of a button, with some applications allowing the option to download it beforehand, so that material is available offline whenever you need it. There is no crowd to distract you from your studies, no time limit for how long or when you want to study, and nobody will yell at you for having a snack in the middle of a lecture.

In case there is a doubt that needs to be answered, or if you are in need of some personalized advice, you can have live chat sessions with experts that are almost always on standby, offering help and tutoring anyone who so desires.

JEE Main study material would also offer countless practice/mock tests, along with past years’ question papers. The practice material holds immeasurable value and as such should be always had in a deal. As the practice tests and question papers are delivered immediately to your phone, tablet and computer, it makes much more sense to have them online. Even the evaluation of the said tests would be faster as they are checked via software, which completes the task almost instantaneously.

Online Apps

Online study apps offer a complete study package for the students preparing for IIT JEE and other such competitive examinations. It provides free access to a plethora of study content, usually for free. Thus, they make a great alternative to traditional study methods.

Various apps such as IIT JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2018, AskIITians, Aakash iTutor, Khan Academy, Toppr and Prep-Lane offer online study material, along with the option to download it, so that it can be used later.

Aakash iTutor goes a step further by including Aakash Coaching institutes’ huge collection of books and other study materials to students for a little premium. Other than that, all these apps feature 24×7 technical support for students, in case someone has a doubt or needs a more personal touch regarding a few questions. Experts are almost always available at the click of a button.

Some premium apps also feature different online test series for JEE Main and Advanced which a student can attempt to practice the paper as per the pattern of the real examination. It should be noted that premium apps usually also have free versions, but the latter is filled with adds. Having advertisements pop up mid-lecture could be a little annoying, but it is nothing close to a deal breaker.

YouTube Channels

YouTube is a free-to-use video sharing platform. In the recent years, a lot of content creators have turned to YouTube to build a platform for themselves. If you aren’t familiar with how to use YouTube for studying purposes, the easiest explanation is this; go to, search for the keywords you want (in this case, it would be JEE preparation), and then click on one of the options that appear below. You can also reach out to a creator for any query regarding anything through the comment section or YouTube’s messaging service.

Channels such as Any Time Padhai Academy, a Kota based online study material and content provider, aims to provide quality content in the form of short video lectures exclusively for JEE. They provide Kota’s famed classroom level education to each student through online teaching methods. Other YouTube channels such asToppr, COACHengg, BYJU’S JEE and Etoos Education aim at providing efficient and effective study material that helps students prepare for both their classes as well as competitive exams such as JEE, NEET and NTSE. These channels have high-quality video lectures for you to choose from.

Then there are also channels such as Delhi Knowledge Track, i.e., channels that create bilingual content, in both Hindi and English, thus bringing the knowledge, which was previously limited to the confines of classroom, into the reach to the masses, absolutely free of cost.

The best feature about learning from a video lecture is that you can pause and rewind at any moment if you feel like, or if there is a step that you didn’t quite understand. The attention to detail coupled with the quality of content makes YouTube a great platform to prepare for JEE.

Mock Tests

Mock tests are perhaps the most important ingredient in JEE preparation. All JEE aspirants should practice with online mock tests to check their level of preparation, get familiar with the exam pattern and witness the exam-like situation, such as working in a time limit. Familiarizing yourself with the real world conditions of the exam will go a long in preparing you for the exam.

Websites such as,,, and online test offer a huge collection of online mock tests that mirror real JEE exam. They are the best tools for any candidate to prepare for not only JEE but any entrance exam.

To practice on a mock test, simply go to any of the websites or apps that offer mock tests, and then click on the option that says “Mock test”, “Practice test” or any synonym of these. After clicking on it, you shall be redirected to the mock test portion of that website. Click on “begin” to start the test. A timer will be provided to you for keeping track of either the elapsed or remaining time. Proceed with the test as normal. After completion, the page will display your score. Depending on which website you use, there might also be statistics relating to how well others have performed in a similar test and where you would stand among them.

With the online preparation courses gaining popularity, it makes a lot of sense for you to take the leap into the digital world of studying. Mobile apps, YouTube channels, online mock tests, all help students achieve their aim of clearing JEE, albeit without the inconvenience of stepping out of their house and wasting time in traveling. If you are still shy about trying online study methods, don’t be. Remember, it’s usually free of cost, so even if you’re already using traditional means for studying, you can just use the online material in your spare time.

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