How to Start JEE Main Preparation from 10th Grade

JEE is completely based on the syllabus of Class 11 and 12. For JEE, most of the students start their preparation during their Class 12 or take a gap after 12th. While there is no problem in doing that, but one can always start early and crack the exam a bit more smoothly. And that is why many candidates start as early as in Class 10th or 9th.

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When you are starting early, your plans need to be a bit different from others. Let’s discuss why you should start from Class 10th and how you can go on managing your school with JEE preparation.

Why start early?

The first question that comes in mind of aspirants is, “Why should I start so early. I have 3 long years ahead, I can do it later as well.”

Well, we do not doubt your potential at all, but realize that the competition is literally huge. Starting early is only going to be beneficial. Here are some specific reasons why you should start early.

You Will Get an Edge Over your Peers. Well this is quite obvious. If you are putting in more time, you will definitely get an edge over others. By starting early, you are making sure that you do not have to make sudden shift from ‘only school life’ to ‘school + JEE life’. Thus, by getting early into the arena, you will get a definite edge over your peers.

You Will Get Time to Understand the Exam Better. By being introduced to the exam early, you will be able to better understand the exam. You can watch analysis of actual papers, talk to your seniors, faculties and to people who have cracked this exam. This acquaintance with JEE will prove very beneficial for you.

The Journey Will Get Smoother. When candidates start JEE preparation, they generally have to make a big shift in their time table. This is because they start late and due to the huge syllabus (and of course, competition), they have to work really hard. So they have to give up sleep, outings, movies and all such things. But if you start early, you can do all these things along with heading towards your dream of being anIITian. 

You Will Get More Time to Refer to Secondary Books. NCERT books are the most preferred and recommended books for JEE. While they are very good, but one has to move forward to advanced books as well to secure better scores in the exam. Now what happens with most of the candidates is that due to limited time, neither they are able to do the NCERT books properly, and nor any other book. But if you start from class 10, you will get enough time to go through all kinds of books that are there. Therefore, you can make sure than you do not leave any stone unturned in your preparation.

In Class 10 – What to do?

When you begin your preparation during class 10 or 9, you have got to have a different plan from others. So what needs to be done? Let’s find out:

Focus on Basics: – Class 10th is an important phase of life. Although JEE Main Syllabusis primarily based on Class 11thand 12th, we study some very basic chapters like Chemical Reactions, Acids and Salts and Periodic Classification in class 10th. These chapters are very important and if you get them properly, they can raise your confidence immensely. So do the basics well.

Participate in Competitions: – In this phase, you can take part in various Olympiads, scholarship tests and other competitions that boost your confidence and strengthen your profile. More importantly, you will learn how to face and ace the competition. Some of the exams that you can opt for are NTSE, KVPY, NLSTSE, Indian National Olympiad, Science Olympiad Foundation and GeoGenius.

Join a Foundation Course: – There is always an option of joining a foundation course for JEE as well. A foundation course at a quality coaching institute will make it easier for you to grasp the concepts and get better later on. Many reputed coaching institutes of the country like AskIITians and McGraw Hill Education provide such courses and you can opt for such courses if you want.

Your primary goal should be to score good in Class 10. When you are done with school study in the evening, you can shift to JEE preparation. Also, if you have joined any coaching classes (foundation course), do not miss them.

Remember that NCERT is the best source of preparation and you should solve them by heart.

How to Study From Class 11 Onwards?

From Class 11, you have to be a bit more dedicated towards JEE than Class 10. The study time, practice and focus should increase a little bit more as you are moving closer to your actual test. Let us take a look at the things you need to take care during these days.

If You Have Joined a Coaching Institute: If you have joined a coaching institute, the job is a little bit easier as the ‘guidance’ part is already taken care of. The only thing that you need to do is that you need to attend the classes regularly and solve the question that teacher gives you. Remember that you need to cover your school homework as well, so schedule things properly.

Another benefit of joining coaching is that you get explanation of concept from two places, one from school and other from coaching institute’s faculties. Since you are getting this privilege, make sure that you do not let it go in vain.

Basically, your approach should be first attend the school properly. After coming back from school, you can have a little rest and can move to your coaching classes. Make sure that you stay tentative in the class and listen properly. After your coaching classes, you should first complete your school homework and then any assignments/questions given by tutors. Also, make sure that you get enough breaks in between to keep yourself energized.


If You Haven’t Joined Any Coaching Institute: – If you preparing by yourself, then you do need to be a little more disciplined and streamlined in your approach. Since you are preparing from past 1 year, we assume that you already know what the syllabus is.

Now what you need to do is that you need to take classes in school very seriously. Since this is going to be the primary and most probably the only source of learning the concepts, you should not take any chance with this.

So when you come back home from school, the first focus should be on completing all the pending work from school. After completing that, you need to take a little break and start working for JEE. You can revise what you learned from school and start solving Multiple Choice Questions based on that. In case you find it difficult to grasp any topic, you can use YouTube or any other JEE Preparation Apps to your benefit.

The thing to be worked on in this case is self-discipline. You have to keep yourself on track. Also, do buy some good books like Concept of Physics by HC Verma, Chemistry books by OP Tandon as these are very helpful in preparation.

Things To Be Taken Care of in Both Cases

Whether you have joined coaching or not, you need to take care of some things unconditionally. Here are some pointers which you need to take care of, during JEE preparation:

Take Good Care of Basics: – We have said it earlier as well, and will mention again – you need to be good on basics. Now being good on basics does not mean that you need to go ultra-deep into the topic and spend months on a single chapter. Realize that you are just at the starting stage of your engineering career and you will get the chance to pursue research in the future.

Understand the concepts to the level which is needed at the moment and do not dive down too deep. Understand the ‘time constraint’ part and play smartly.

Make Notes: – Since the period of preparation is going to be long (2-3 years), you cannot rely on your brain to remember the formulae for this long. The thing to trust here is your notebook. Do make all the notes related to all concepts and formulas, as they will come very handy later on.

Also, keep the notes concise and relevant. Noting down every other thing will not serve the purpose.

Take Mocks and Tests: – Whether you are taking coaching or not, we recommend that you must purchase an online test series for JEE. The test series generally include all kinds of tests like mid-syllabus tests, full length tests and topic tests, and thus are an important tool for testing your preparation level. The analysis and solutions of these tests will help you improve further with your preparation.

You can refer to Allen, FIITJEE, AskIITians and other such institutes for mock test series.

Take Benefit of Peer Learning: – Your fellow mates and peers are a great source of learning in every phase of life. So for JEE preparation, do not hesitate to discuss concepts with your friends and classmates. You can talk to your seniors and teachers as well.

Some topics like Chemical Bonding, Molecular Structure, Newton’s Laws and Optics do require a little extra effort to understand at the first instance. If you are facing problems in any such topics, do not mind learning them from your friends.  

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: – Since the preparation phase is long, you cannot keep on ditching your sleep hour continuously for two years. Therefore, get a healthy sleep of 7-8 hours daily. Involve yourself in sports, yoga or meditation to keep you high on energy. Use your time well.

Consistency is a great quality. If you can be consistent enough to keep studying for JEE from Class 10th, you can probably take on any challenge that comes your way. So stay focused, and prepare well. JEE will definitely not be a tough task after such hard work.

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