TS EAMCET 2018 : 7 Tips to Ace The Exams

Telangana State Engineering Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance Test (TS EAMCET) is scheduled to be held in the first week of May, 2018. Qualifying candidates get admission into various professional courses at engineering and medical colleges and universities in the state of Telangana. Application forms for the same will be made available in the last week of February. Admission will be made on the basis of results for TS EAMCET 2018, to be declared in the third week of May, 2018 (tentatively).

According to stats, 2.5 lakhs students appear for the examination and around 80% of the students qualify for the admissions. Candidates are expected to put in hours of training and tedious efforts in order to ace the exam. Competition is one parameter which moves on an ever rising graph. In this article, we will be discussing some of the expert tips to help you crack the examination with a good score. By the end of this article you will leave with a better understanding of the examination and quick tips on how to give your best.

Understand the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Understanding the exam pattern will help you get an idea on how to approach the exam. The duration of the exam is 3 hours. It will consist of three sections- Physics, Chemistry and Maths with 1 hour for each subject. Candidates are to make sure that they do not spend more than 1 hour on each subject.

The syllabus for the examination is similar to that of class 12 board exam for Telangana. The syllabus is released every year by the admission authority. One must refer to it and prepare accordingly keeping their target on obtaining maximum marks depending on their weakness and strengths.

Identify Your Strength and Weakness

It is important for the candidates to do Self-evaluation when it comes to the examination. This will help them to analyze the subjects or concepts they are strong in and the ones they need to work on. Solving papers every day and attempting mock tests will help them with identifying their strengths and weaknesses. The best solution is to read up everything but at the same time focusing more on your weak areas to make sure that these too convert to your strengths.

Practice via Previous Years’ Papers and Mock Tests

This is the oldest yet the best practice which must be followed by all the students. Solving papers from past few years will help them gain a better understanding of the paper pattern, important topics, and time management. Mock tests are to be considered as nothing less than trailers for the main movie. The more you go in for these tests, better will be your chances of scoring well in the main exam.

Make a Schedule

To complete a task successfully, it is necessary to make a plan for it. Prepare a daily schedule to prepare for the exam and stick to it. It is an added benefit if mock tests and other papers are a part of your routine. Allocate time to subjects separately and plan out the study hours very carefully. Make sure you have enough time to rest and freshen up.

Decide on Your Attempting Order

Three hours is a long duration for your brain to keep functioning at the same pace. It goes without saying that the first hour of the exam will be less taxing as compared to the remaining 2 hours. It is wise to choose the subject they you are strong in and attempt it first. This helps in boosting confidence as you will be able to solve questions quickly and effectively.

Manage Time Allocation

Deciding how much time should be dedicated to each section and keeping extra time for revisions works wonders for competitive exams. Missing out on this aspect could cost the students more than expected. An ideal state would be spending 45 minutes for each section and keeping 15 minutes for revision for each section. While solving mock tests or question papers from the past years, candidates should set a time limit to a maximum two and a half hours. This practice will help them immensely during the exam.

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

While it is unavoidable to dedicate a major part of your day to studies, at the same time it is not to be forgotten that physical activity and relaxation are equally essential. It is important to keep some part of your day for some kind of physical activity or meditation. Eating good food should also be a part of the checklist to boost mental health.

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