Five tips to study well !

Well, this post aims to provide some study tips. Hufff!! Big task guys ?

Since I believe that sharing is caring so I am sharing these tips with you. So cheesy right? hahaha.

Now before reading ahead be absolutely clear that these tips are definitely helpful in your helpless times. I see students from 12th around me so much into study these days, gives me Goosebumps when I think about my time ?.

Alright fellas enough moving around the bush . Let’s come to business.Here you go –

1) Find yourself a partner – Yes I know difficult to do. But if you find one, it can do wonders. Group study also works the same way because you discuss things and then end up memorizing them without even knowing. That’s the best part of it .Now I wrote finding a partner because if you are lucky enough to find a group with same study motives , Great! Otherwise a good partner will suffice.

2)Keep your phone away – We always try to not use our phone while studying but the temptation is so strong .We can’t help it. So instead my suggestion would be-“Keep the phone at an unreachable place”. Sounds weird but can seriously help.

3)Start with something interesting to prep you up – Not for all homo-sapiens out there but for most, the initial hours when you start studying are the most difficult ones. So my suggestion, start with something simple, something that holds some interest and then go for the highest climb.

4)New stationary also works – Yes yes , as weird as it sounds! Good stationary can at least push you up to use them, indirectly pushing you to study. So invest some pocket money to buy yourself a new pen. Be a stationary hoarder.

5)What kind are you? – There are three types of learners namely kinesthetic, visual and listener. Know your type and work accordingly. Kinesthetic ones can’t sit still. They are in active habit of moving around with the book or studying while listening to music. Like one of my friend in school could not do Math without music playing, weird but true. Visual learners learn better by diagrams, graphs and pictures. You got to do lot of writing and drawing if you fall in this category. Listeners learn by reciting out loud. Listening to an answer from your friend might also help. So know your type and go ahead with it!

All the best !


(Written By Aishwarya, She is pursuing B.Tech IT from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University)

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