“Situations when parents impose their dreams on their children”

Dreams and desire differ from child to child and so does a person’s capability. Since childhood we are taught that our parents always think the best for us and therefore become our decision makers. But, is it necessary to give our dreams a backseat and set ourselves on the path of achieving what our parent’s desire. Why do you have to become a engineer when you excel in the field of music?

Right from choosing the correct stream for higher education to choosing the best course for college, our decisions are governed by our parents. Without thinking what a child is capable of doing and where his interest lies, parents force their decision and guide them in the direction of career path that they think is fit for their child irrespective of his capabilities and interest! Many a times situation arise where parents impose their dreams on their children which sometimes lead to failures and un-fulfillment of dreams and desires. The very basic example that most of have seen is the time when we as children are given a chance to decide the stream, the subjects that we wish to study in our senior years, some of us are able to choose subjects of our interest while many of us keep juggling between what to choose our choice or our parents choice? And some unlucky ones fall in the trap and ignoring their interest and capabilities choose what pleases their parents!

Some do realize their mistake after their 12th board exam results while some even after realizing keep running behind what they don’t what! The ones who realize their mistake of choosing the wrong stream after the debacle of board exams set themselves on the right track, on the track that they want to follow, fix their mistake and move on to achieve their dreams while the ones who don’t realize this mistake keep struggling and keep moving in the direction that pleases their parents not them!

Running behind an unwanted dream only to see the glitter of happiness in the eyes and fulfillment in smile of their parents, we often forget that we are inviting an unwanted trouble which will bring not only sadness but pressure , depression, unhappy social life and other health problems relating to unwanted place where we have ended up ourselves , where we feel like a misfit. We need to realize that it’s we who are about to live our life since we are about to live in a house for a lifetime maybe wouldn’t it be better if it is designed by us not our parents!

It is always the better to discover your calling, know it and move in a direction to achieve it ! Sooner or later everyone discovers their calling and set themselves on the right path. But before walking on the path of our calling we do go through the situations where we face the pressure of fulfilling dreams and desires of our parents! While some lucky ones may not.


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Name :Aditi Shastri
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