“Situations when parents impose their dreams on their children”

16 year old hangs himself, because he got C in Physics, 12 year old commits suicide because he couldn’t perform well in science, but was interested in drawing, which according to her parents wasn’t a good option and many others.

We come across many such incidents daily in the newspapers, televisions, etc. but do we care? I have seen instances where people want their child to STUDY, because the neighbors’ son is doing so. We live in a world, where people are often blinded by the fact that, my son is has scored 5 marks less than Mr. Sharma’s son, my son is 2nd in class while Mr. Verma’s daughter is 1st, not realizing a fact that, my son did the best what he could.

Parents want their child to do the best in their circle, within their family, neighborhood, relatives, acquaintances, etc. so that they can proudly say, ‘he’s my son.’

A very famous dialogue that I can remember from the movie 3 idiots, when Farhan was born and his dad declares, ’MERA BETA ENGINEER BANEGA.’ No doubts, parents are one of the most important people in our life, they give us birth, they look after us from the time we can’t speak, to the time we learn our 1st word, to the time we learn our 1st poem, to the time we finally argue with them and years and years ahead. They have a right to expect from us, however, it is important for them to also understand that expect only what their child can do the best.

On the other hand, it affects the child as well. The child, who loves her /his parents, will try to achieve what their parents want. Problem? Either way it’s going to be an issue.

  • Success – Well, this is great!! However, it might lead to increasing expectations of the parents, which leads to more pressure on the child.
  • Failure – If they cannot achieve the goals according to their parents, it leads to discouragement, low morale of the child, causing the brain to go in depression.

Since, the parents are the 1st guides of the child; she/he might fall into the depression thinking he’s not capable of anything. If this goes on for a long time, the child destroys her/his social life, happiness and further might end it forever.

Solution? Quite easy! Not everyone is Albert Einstein and not everyone is Michelangelo. All fingers aren’t same, but each one of them has its important functions and neither of them can replace either one. Similarly, a child may be great in physics but may not be so great in biology, and may not know how to paint. The other child may be the opposite. Parents need to understand the fact that everyone is unique and it’s important to let them explore the world and find the best nest for themselves, or it might result in losing their Gems. Parents should make sure, whatever the child does, should be best for them.


Submitted by:
Name: Abhijeet Singh
Course: PGDM, 1st year.
College: Bhartiya vidya bhawan’s Usha and Laxmi Mittal Institute of Management.

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