Result Prediction and highlights of Lok Sabha election 2014

Rahul Kumar Das for AT:

It has been declared that for the moment the BJP led National Defence Alliance is leading in most of the constituencies with a huge majority.Reports made by the Indian express the NDA is leading with 293 seats , whereas the Congress is still stuck with 86 seats. The left had garnered 12 seats and the regional alliances have bagged around 126 seats.

If we just look at the individual parties we find that the Congress has just won 73 seats. Whereas leads with 248 seats ,AAP with 3 seats BSP with 5 seats.
In Punjab the AAP and the Congress are leading with 4 out of 13 seats. In Haryana the Congress is leading with 5 seats with leader Naveen Jindal. The BJP is leading in Delhi with 6 out of 7 seats . The BJP is leading in two out of four seats in Himachal Pradesh.Kartik Chidambaram is leading his constituency, Bhupender Hooda is also leading, Mamata Banerjee is leading in West Bengal. Some of the very prominent Congress leaders like kapil Sibal, Shashi Tharoor, Sachin Pilot and Jyoti Raditya Scindia are trailing. Arvind Kejriwal and Yogendra Yadav are also trailing.

The BJP is leading in Rajasthan also with 25 seats.The BJP has good chances of winning the elections this time and with a clear majority. If the BJP wins then it would a very significant chapter in the political development of the country. In was during the Rajiv Gandhi government that any party had won with such a majority , and many are predicting that the history is going to be repeated by the BJP.However, the political climate might change in the end but chances are very less as the BJP is leading with a clear majority.

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