Will the Modi factor a boon or bane for India

Rahul Kumar Das for AT:

The BJP wins the 2014 Lok Sabha elections with 286 seats. The people and the media had shown high hopes from Modi and the robust growth in the economy that will follow.The Congress which was another crucial player in this election faces a shameful defeat and same is case with AAP.

The BJP won with a clear majority and that is why it is perceived as a significant chapter in India`s political development. In 1984 Rajiv Gandhi won with 300 seats and thirty years down the line Modi repeats the history.Modi has from time to time emphasized the need of having a proper educational system.

Modi had actually improved the pharmaceutical companies in Gujarat . He also strived to improve the urban management sector and the tourism sector of Gujarat. So, these approaches would remain the same when he takes over the new prime minister.Modi had emphasized the need to work for environment, water, poverty. He has also expressed his commitment to work for the federal nature of the government and frame healthy labour laws.

A political observer had said the common masses of India are saying that they have, when the big corporates are also saying that they have won. The OBC and Dalits are saying that they have won, whereas the RSS are also saying that they have won. Bhiayas of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are saying that they have won , whereas the anti Shivsainiks are also saying that they have won.

So the bigger challenge for Modi would be how to ensure development to these contradictory interests of people.It was during the VP Singh`s one year government in the late 1980s , when they proposed need to provide reservation to the upper caste Hindus, so a certain section of intellectuals are a bit sceptical whether he really work for the uplift of the Dalits and OBCs.Apart from these points, one must also take notice of whether the press and the opinion makers would enjoy fare amount of space to introspect and evaluate and express their views about the Modi regime.

One must take a notice of the large population of India that lives below poverty line and how Modi would work for them when even the big corporates are also supporting them.However, one must be able to appreciate Modi to garner support from all corners and the massive victory that he and his party picked up.In his victory, the media played a very intrinsic role as it aired all the news related to BJP.



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