Aligarh Muslim University declares Women college Students’ Union result

Aligarh Muslim University:

  • 09-10-2016

In the Women’s College Students’ Union election of Aligarh Muslim University. Nagma Sharif was elected as the President by defeating Summaiyah Ateeque however Farheen Sherwani was elected as the Vice President by defeating Mehak Fatima. On the post of Secretary Yutba Israr Sheikh won by defeating Kasish Fatima while eight members have been elected as the cabinet members.

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Number of Vote count for the Presidential seat

  1. Naghma Sharif- BA.FINAL-766 votes
  2. Summaiyah Ateeque- B.A FINAL-542 votes
  3. 3-Maria Ahsan- B.A-FINAL-508

Number of Vote count for the Vice-President seat

  1. Farheen Sherwani- B.A 2nd-694 votes
  2. Mehak Fatima- B.Sc FINAL-610 votes
  3. Bilkees Maqbool- B.A FINAL-527 vote

Number of Vote count for the Secretary  seat

  1. Utba Israr Sheikh- B.A FINAL-946 votes
  2. Kashish Fatima- B.A FINAL-506 votes
  3. Gulfishan Asif- B.A FINAL-385 vote

8 elected cabinet members

  1. Humaira Khan B.COM 2nd-1288 votes
  2. Ilma Hasan- B.COM FINAL-1275 votes
  3. Insha Khan- B.A FINAL-1252 votes
  4. Rabia Umar- B.SC 2nd-1118 votes
  5. Sarah Dilshad- B.SC 2nd-1109 votes
  6. Sonam- B.A FINAL-1062 votes
  7. Falak  Naaz- B.A FINAL-966 votes
  8. Ufraq Shahid- B.A 1st-950 vote

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