Aligarh Muslim University: Students elect new students’ union; 70 percent students cast their vote

  • Aligarh Muslim University:
  • 09-10-2016
Voting for the post of President, Vice President, Secretary and membership of the Cabinet of the AMU Students’ Union, Aligarh Muslim University was held yesterday. Around 70.46 percent students exercised their voting right for the various Students’ Union posts and also for the election of student representatives from eleven Faculties on the University’s apex body, AMU Court.
Faizul Hasan, a research scholar(Phd) from Sociology department won the presidential seat with a huge marging of more than 2000 votes.MSW student Mohd Nadeem Ansari managed to won the seat of Vice President and MBA student Nabeel Usmani elected as the Secretary.

AMU Students’ Union Cabinet members

10 students were elected as the Aligarh Muslim University Students’ Union Cabinet members.

  1. Naved Ahmad
  2. Labiba Sherwani
  3. Waseel K
  4. Ghazala Ahmad
  5. Abdul Wasay
  6. Irfan Ali
  7. Asif Idrees
  8. Mohd Naved Siddiqui
  9. Sadaf Rasool
  10. Amanullah

Student representatives to the Aligarh Muslim University Court.

11 students were elected as the student representatives to the Aligarh Muslim University Court.
  1. Khan Mohd Maaz (Faculty of International studies and Management)
  2. Haider Saifullah (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  3. Siraj Ali (Faculty of Agriculture and Theology, Q A Nizami Quranic Centre)
  4. Sultan Azeem (Faculty of Science)
  5. Mohammad Noman (Faculty of Engineering and Technology)
  6. Mohd Asim Chaudhary (Faculty of Law)
  7. Faizur Rahman (Faculty of Commerce)
  8. Umair Khan (Faculty of Arts)
  9. Shaiq Azam (Faculty of Medicine)
  10. Mohsin Masood (Faculty of Unani Medicine)
  11. Saif Ahmad (Faculty of Life Sciences)

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