JNU issues summon to four students in account of burning effigies of Gujarat Government and Goraksha

New Delhi:

Jawaharlal Nehru University again came to the limelight after another controversy created by the JNU students. JNU administration has given the notice to the students as soon as the effigy of ‘Gujarat Government’ and ‘Goraksha’ was seen burning down in the JNU campus.

Who served show cause notice?

The names of accused students are Rama Naga, Abdul Matin, Praveen and Manikant. Rama Naga is also accused and reported in the case of uttering anti patriotic cries in the campus in February this year.

However, JNU has not announced it officially and refuse to make clear the statements written in the given notice to the students which says,” It is in account of a report dated 21st September which is related to the incident of burning the effigies of Gujarat Government and Goraksha took place on 19th september 2016 at Sabarmati Dhaba. You are ordered to report at the front of prosecutor on 14th October.”

The ex leader of JNU Student Union, Akbar Chaudhary stood against the administration saying,” students of the university are continuously accused of one or another againstand for the sake of a mere boycott of students from politics. It is a tactic of the admin and VC to make JNU  ‘idol university’ among the population.”

Source: Navbharat Times

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