With online shopping websites, life has definitely become easier. But who knew we could shop the basic groceries online as well? This is definitely a boon for every individual because one doesn’t actually need to step out of the house, especially in the heat, to purchase fruits, vegetables etc.

What’s the best part? You definitely don’t need to waste your energy in bargaining as the prices are actually very reasonable and worth it! Online fruit shopping is extremely easy. The problem with shopping from local vendors is unavailability of all fruits and the desired quantity. It is always easier online as all one needs to do is just select the required fruit and the quantity. Everything is mostly in stock and available at affordable and best prices.

You can purchase them from shopping sites like Grofers, Big basket, Amazon grocery etc. They have offers going up to 50% which will definitely surprise and excite you!




Big basket is now one of the leading grocery shopping website which has been recommended by many shoppers.  Fruits are available in abundance here. With the onset of the king of fruits, they have a separate category for mango shopping. And guess what? All possible mangoes are available. They deliver fresh and the best mangoes with 25 varieties under this category with up to 20% off. Combo packs are available with different fruits containing one fruit item and other assorted grocery which is a smart and affordable way to shop. They also have ready fruit baskets for gifting and fasting which saves a lot of effort of assorted fruit shopping with a 20% discount as well. There are a variety of value packs with different discounts. You can save up to 25% on fresh fruits.

Such prices, combo packs, value offers are unbelievable. These kinds of offers, in such wide quantities and great quality are only available on Big Basket. The buyers not only benefit from such offers on fruits but also on additional items as they are available in combos. It is a smart way of shopping and selling. It saves the nagging on prices which one does at local vendors as they are the best and least prices available. Big basket offers delivery in every area possible plus, there is also a 90 minute delivery available in some localities.So what are you waiting for?  Shop from big basket now!


Grofers is one site which gives you jaw dropping offers on fruits. Their availability of fruits is commendable and you don’t need to worry about the quality as it is one of the leading grocery shopping sites with A1 fruits. You get to choose from regular fruits, imported ones, seasonal, citrus and rare fruits. There are discounts available on almost all fruits. Get up to 37% off by shopping fruits from Grofers. There are thrilling offers on imported ones which are rare to find. You can buy imported apples with a 10% discount, RS 15 off on kiran watermelon and basic fruits also have a 15% off on them.

It is worth buying fruits online with such amazing offers. The benefit of these offers is that with discounts there is a promising quality which will not let you down. You get the rates which are lesser than the prices available in the market so why think before making a purchase off Grofers? Grofers promises the lowest prices and worth the value. There is no thinking twice for Grofers as quality is guaranteed. There is no minimum order value and you can make a payment on delivery too.  So why go out to shop fruits when you can buy them here?


Amazon is now come up with their grocery stores offering the same variety of exciting offers on grocery, fruits especially. Get up to 45% off on the variety of fruits. Mangoes are available with the maximum discount of 44% despite being the most wanted seasonal fruit now. There is a 25% off on dry fruit packs, dates, apricots which are extremely rare to find as dry fruits are very expensive in the markets these days. Get RS 12 off on the regular fruit variety which is a good discount. Almost all fruits are available at discounted rates.

Buyers will be elated to buy fruits off Amazons grocery store as Amazon is one of the most reputed online shopping stores and they are sure to never let the buyers down. They ace in quality, delivery and discounts so one can blindly trust Amazon. Buyers are to benefit from each and every purchase from this website as there are maximum possible discounts available here. So buyers, buy your fruits from the Amazon grocery store from now onwards as you know it is the best!



Mobikwik, one of the best digital wallets of India has different offers for grocery shopping. This just makes shopping bigger and better. There is no worry of handling bills and payments manually. All one has to do is make payments via the Mobikwik wallet. With added discounts on your favourite grocery stores, it works as an added advantage. Isn’t it better to make payments when you get cash backs and rewards? That’s exactly what Mobikwik does. It’s an economic way of shopping which will help you save while you spend

What do you do when you shop your fruits from Grofers?Choose as many fruits you want from the Grofers app and make your payment via Mobikwik to avail a 20% cash back. You can also receive a Rs 200 super cash discount, to avail this super offer, use code KWIK275 to get the rewards. Isn’t it a cherry on the cake? With discounts from the websites, get additional cash offers from Mobikwik. Seize the offer before the 31st of May.


Just like Mobikwik, get amazing discounts with Freecharge. Freecharge is not only for your phone bills. You can use the app to make other payments as well. Freecharge gives multiple cash backs and rewards for various shopping sites. So you can purchase your fruits from the website you wish to shop from, make your payment via the Freecharge app and get some awesome discounts.  All you got to do is use your Freecharge wallet for the payment of your fruits shopping.

  • Shop fruits exclusively from the Big Basket online store as Freecharge is now offering RS 100 cash back on a minimum purchase of RS 800.Shop in abundance and avail this worthy cash back. What better offer can one get?
  • Pay with your Freecharge wallet from the Amazon grocery store and get RS 100 cash back on a minimum order of RS 500. This is a super saving offer available for a limited period only. Relish some fruits with some handsome savings with this Freecharge offer.

How to avail these offers

Step 1: Download the grocery app you wish to shop your fruits from.

Step 2: Select the fruits, their quantity and add them to your cart. Input the address and proceed to checkout

Step 3: With payment options, put the coupon code or make the payment with the offer app and avail the required discount.

Step 4: Confirm your payment and place your order successfully.

So from now onwards, make sure you shop your fruits online. That fruits shopped online are raw and stale is just a myth because every shopping site guarantees quality and make sure they reach you with great packaging and quality check. Shopping fruits online is smart buying and a progressive way to save on some time and energy. You can do some quality work by just shopping all your grocery online and make use of the time you take to step out to a vendor and nagging with the high prices and unavailability of items. So sit back and shop now!

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