China using Artificial Intelligence to record facial expressions of High School students

A new device has been developed by one of the biggest suppliers of security cameras, Hikvision Digital Technology to monitor the facial expressions. They are developing  their own AI technology.

Sina news reported that there is a school in Eastern China that is using special cameras to monitor the facial expressions of high school students. These cameras are a part of “Smart Classroom Behaviour Management System” and help the teacher to keep a close watch on students attentiveness.

This can prove to be a great leap in the teaching system as this will help both the school and the student. Teaching faculty will be able to know if the student is taking interest in the lecture or is taking a nap. This will help them in designing a syllabus according to student’s interest which will eventually help students.

“Using this system we can see which classmates are concentrating in class and whose mind is wandering,” Ni Ziyuan, the school’s head teacher, was quoted as saying.

“The system only collects students’ facial expressions and behavior information,” the school’s vice principal, Zhang Guanqun, told news outlet the Paper. “It can improve interactions between the teachers and students.”

Image Courtesy: Daily Mail

The system will be able to identify various expressions of students such as, happiness, anger, fear, repulsion,etc. It also will give students a real time attentiveness score. Additionally, it will also be able to keep a track of attendance by face recognition.

A month long trial of the system was taken by the school and gradually the students accepted the monitoring and improved their behaviour.

“Beforehand in some classes that I didn’t like much, sometimes I would be lazy and do things like take naps on the desk or flick through other textbooks,” a student was quoted as saying.  “Since the school has introduced these cameras, it is like there are a pair of mystery eyes constantly watching me, and I don’t dare let my mind wander.”, said an anonymous student.

China with the largest population in the world is using security cameras nationwide to match citizen’s face with his identity in a matter of 3 seconds. This led to many criminal suspects.

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