It is said that the power lies in the hands of the youth and since ages, youth have proven to be the torch bearers of their era. So, with no exception, Mozilla plans in approaching this dynamic section of the society. The golden rule being, three ‘E’s -Engage, Equip and Empower. Mozilla started the Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA) Programme.
Unlike various other Student Ambassador Programmes, the FSA programme is not selective or exclusive. Being an open source organization, Mozilla believes in providing open opportunities to the aspiring students, faculties and administrative members of any university who love to build the web and spread web awareness to take part in the program.
Now, the most probable questions that may reverberate in the minds of the students are, who exactly is a FSA and what the benefit of being so is. In a nutshell, we can say FSAs are incredible group of students, passionate about spreading the message regarding benefits of Firefox and its products and thus, help to build a brighter future for the web.FSAs are the harbingers of a digital era to herald a generation of Web Literates across the world.
As per the three ‘E’ concept, this programme ‘engages’ students with opportunities to gain marketing experience, develop leadership qualities and learn industry skill; ‘equip’ students with the knowledge, network and resources; ’empower’ students to go above and beyond as active Mozillians. So, more the initiatives one will take on his/her behalf, more will he/she get out of this programme. Moreover, the FSAs who excel will have their future usher in appreciation, respect from Mozilla not to mention a certificate of appreciation.
By 2017, FSA programme will be premier tech marketing programme for college students to acquire technological and industrial skills, leadership opportunities through Firefox initiatives. Mozilla does strongly believe “Doing well is a part of our code”, so it will whole heartedly welcome any student, from any educational background. Now, the students just need to come out ,give their best and grab this golden opportunity.

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