Speech highlights Day 1: SRCC Business Conclave 2016

Shri Ram College of Commerce(SRCC),New Delhi:

Day 1 of SRCC Business Conclave commenced with a Start-up Panel Discussion moderated by Mr. Jai Vardhan, Associate Editor of YourSpace. A discussion about the new skill set and mindset of the entrepreneurs, entering the world of Start-ups by Mr. Ankit Bhatt (Founder, MapMyIndia), Mr. Kashyap Deorah (Author, ‘Golden-tap’), Mr. Rajesh Gupta (CEO, Fresh Falsabzi), Mr. Ankur Warikoo (Founder, Nearbuy), Mr. Saurabh Kochar (CEO of FoodPanda).

The Panel Discussion was followed by an interactive session between Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai and Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman, throwing light upon the government’s role in galvanizing new ideas, and encouraging start ups.

The sessions were indeed very inspiring and enriching ones, leaving each and every mind enlighten

“India has more than 3 crore of small and new businesses, all they need to think about is whether their ideas are big enough or not. Thinking about funding or valuations should always be secondary.Reasons that the start-ups fail these days is because someone decides not to show up next morning. Don’t stop because you don’t have funding for your ideas. Stop only when you think someone has already taken your idea forward and made it even more successful.”-Saurabh Kochar, CEO of FoodPanda

“Mr. Modi came into power as a change-agent, he talks the talk, will he walk the talk? Why does he not just go out there and say it out loud that he’ll cut half a dozen ministries?”-Rajdeep Sardesai

“I think the principle on which this government has come on-board is to reduce the size of the ‘Government’, but not compromise on the ‘Governance’. And that is why this is termed as the ‘big-turn’. Less government, more governance.”-Nirmala Sitharaman

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