Speech highlights Day 3: SRCC Business Conclave 2016

Shri Ram College of Commerce(SRCC),New Delhi:

“You should be proud of your roots, rise up.. and dominate the world”
“Talent alone will not take you far. it will open one door, but it will not open the last door. Later, only attitude and fashion would matter more.”
“Only running the business was never my intention, whatever I do, has to benefit the society at large”
“Success is a great motivator, failure is a great teacher”
“You should always behave like a student, until you reach the graveyard”
(GM Rao, founder & group chairman, GMR group)

“Good corporate governance is a journey.. not a destination. It is indeed a very rewarding journey to those who do it right.”
“Principles are harder to come around, while rules have a possibility of loopholes, corporate governance thus, should be principle based.”
(Mr. Adi Godrej, Chairman of 118 years ‘young’ Godrej Group)

“Jab mai 8 saal ka tha tab jo sabse popular program tha jab Doordarshan par hindi feature film dikhayi jaati thi.. aadhi film Saturday ko dikhayi jaati thi aur bachi hui aadhi film Sunday ko dikhate the, tab pados ke ghar me jaha hum film dekhne jaate the unhone Saturday ki aadhi film dikhayi aur jab mai Sunday ko wapas bachi hui film dekhne gaya tab unhone apne ghar ke darwaaze band kar diye. Mai jab waapas lauta tab meri aankhon me aasu the.. Babuji ne jab puchha ki kya hua tab mai bola “aadhi film dekhi thi, aur baaki dekhne gaye toh unhone darwaaze band kar liye”.. unhone kaha ki jab kisi doosre ke ghar me kisi teesre ko TV par dekhne jaate ho, agar dum hai toh kuch aisa karke dikhao ki tum TV par aao aur log tumhe dekhe.”
“Jab aap zindagi me safalta paaoge, aur jab aap bade banoge, jab taaqatwar banoge, toh ek cheez ka bada dhyaan rakhna.. kabhi ahankaar nahi aani chahiye, pair zameen par hee rehna chahiye, jitne aap vinamra rahenge, utni hee safalta aapki dugni aur chaar guni hoti jaaegi.”
Q- “Sir Anupam kher, Baba Ramdev and you have been awarded.. So only those people who are close to Narendra Modi have been awarded. So what’s your take on this?”
A- “Dekhiye ismein koi take nahi hai, Baba Ramdev ke bahut saare baal hai, Anupam kher ke bilkul nahi hai aur mere kahi beech me..”
 (Mr. Rajat Sharma, Chairman & Editor-in-chief, INDIA TV, with his passionate and humorous attitude and inspiring words)

“Barack Obama was my friend long before he became the president, someone I adored. But there were some moments when I was reminded that he was the boss. Like in 2012, when we started our campaigning together, once while getting off at the White House from the helicopter, he looked at me and said “You know Plouffe, what would really not be a lot of fun is, if I have to return to the White House in this chartered, having been defeated and as a one-time President, so make sure that doesn’t happen.”
“Its not how much you accomplish, its how you get it.”
“The goal for you, should be to invent, to challenge, to lead and to inspire, because yours might prove to be the best generation the world’s ever had!”
Mr. David Plouffe, Chief Advisor, Board of directors, UBER, Former Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama, with his immensely inspiring persona)

“What sells in London, what sells in New York doesn’t sell in Jhanda Chowk in my very own Hazaribagh.Its a completely different design point because our innovators and entrepreneurs are creating products and services for the market of Jhanda chow of Hazaribagh, that’s why we’re becoming the entrepreneurial engine for the next 6 billion people on the planet.And because we’re planning the entrepreneurial engine for the next 6 billion people on the planet, we’re creating an entirely new frugal development model that process the market which accelerates and creates the wealth which enables us to follow the pro-poor policies.That ladies and gentlemen, is the big adventure that we’re on. And that should be the big adventure of your life.”
(Jayant Sinha, Hon’ble Minister of State for Finance, Government of India)

“The exposure you get through sports is something you can’t get by just sitting in a class”
“For me, sports, is a way of life.”
“Hindu, Sikh, Muslim; sports is irrespective of any caste, sports melts those boundaries and does not make any lines”
“I think there are so many champions that motivate us, like Yuvraj Singh, Someone who beat cancer and is ready to win the world cup!”
“We won’t only have a dream of one gold medal, but in the upcoming Commonwealth Games, we dream of winning ALL the medals possible!”
(Mr. Anurag Thakur, Member of Parliament and Secretary, BCCI)

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