“Stalked by a girl”- sounds unusual but that may not necessarily be the reality. Since the advent of Facebook, many guys stalk others on Facebook. It is usual that a guy stalks a girl but do you know there are girls too that stalk boys? Here are the lists of five types of girls that stalk “You” on Facebook.

#1 That girl who is madly in love with you
It happens that someone in your college is madly in love with you.And whenever you had any activity on Facebook that girl will respond. Whenever you get online she will message you and one point of time you will be like “Yarr isse aur kuch kaam nahi hai”.

#2 Your ex-girlfriend
Remember you had a breakup and both of didn’t want to see each other anymore? It seems that you both are core-hearted enemies. But your ex will still check you every time she opens her account to see who your next is. “She’ll be like Lady Sherlock Holmes looking for a trace of love on your FB account”

#3 Your childhood friend who secretly loves you
Well this type of stalking we all receive when we grow up with a friend of opposite gender. You never come to know about this stalking. You hardly chat but she knows everything about your recent activity. It’s like she is on a mission to know you…

#4 The girl who is your competitor
Wherever you go you will find competitors irrespective of gender.And some of them have the tend to follow you on social media not because they like you, but because they believe to keep a check on your progress and development. She can be anyone- your classmate, your colleague and even your very old batch mate. “She takes you as her reference level”.

#5 Some Crazy Old girls who are desperate.

This is the rarest of all the above. If u think this, then you are wrong. This is one of the most frequent stalking because you would never know this person, you will never meet this girl and still she will still know everything about you. And one day she will hit on you like a stranger, but surprisingly by that time she has stalked you enough to know all about you. That’s like “Desi Girlz”.

 So guys, where’s your list of stalkers?

Well if you have across of any such stalking incident by any such girls do post your comment down below. Till then… “ HAPPY STALKING”.



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