7 Fears of first year students

#1 How will I manage without my folks
First year students have a fear of managing their life without their parents. They start missing their home, pets, their bed or home town friends and many other things they love.

#2 Want to choose right friends
We all want to choose right companions, and in college it is even more important so that we can choose the right path in our life, and can spend next three years without any mess.

#3 Will I be able to maintain my score
Am I smart enough? Students have heard that college is harder than high school, and they want to continue with their good marks with their name on the topper’s list, because everyone is smart here.

#4 Will my roommate be weird?
Already facing a very big change in your life, you also have to live with a complete stranger in a room, they can either be your best friend nor can you mess with them.

#5 Where’s the money?
Your wallet is like a sieve, your bank account is overdrawn-and your folks say you are on your own. A rapid growth will occur in your expenses.

#6 Will I be able to handle various peer pressures?
There is a very thin line between fun and mess!! ‘Smoking and drinking or having sex and other things are not my cup of tea but still I’ll do it because my friends think that this is cool’- We all want to stay away from this!

#7 Is it safe here?-The reality is that it’s almost impossible to have a totally crime free campus environment. While security issues vary from campus to campus, student safety is a major concern for all institutions.

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