Faulty DU Results Leaves Students Discontented

With the release of the B.A programme and Economics Honours results in the last two days, the results have left many students questioning the hasty checking done by the administration. Many students have been graded very low as compared to their previous results, while more have been marked zero and absent even though they gave the exam in question.

Students from B.A Programme and Economics Honours allege that in a hurry to check the results, which were supposed to be released in march but were instead released in may, non qualified staff was used by the DU administration to check the papers. A similar situation had also arisen when the results of English Honours for third year students came out, with many students similarly getting marked low or absent.

In the case of some students, even their SEC paper, which is checked internally by the college has also been given zero. One such student, on the condition of anonymity says that he got 19/25 and attempted all questions on his SEC exam, but was still given 0 on the DU results portal. He also says that when he talked to his professor who was responsible for grading the paper, the professor told him that no one from the college had been failed, clearly indicating that the issue was from the University Administration or a fault of the website.

The issue is only made worse by the fact that the DU Administration is not taking any action to rectify its errors, but has just allowed students to apply for revaluation online. This revaluation will cost Rs. 1000 and will require the student to have access to the internet, a printer, and a scanner of high quality. Many students have aired the grievance that especially with the lockdown, they don’t have the financial capability to apply for revaluation. They demand for the university to conduct free and fair revaluations for everyone, saying that it is the University’s fault for the low grading, and the students shouldn’t suffer because of it.

All these issues just goes to show the privileged nature of the DU Admin and the Vice Chancellor, and how anti-student they are. It also raises a very important question, how can an University which cant even release results online without faults, with a website with buggy software, even think about conducting online exams.

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