Guide and Tips to DU Undergraduate Admissions

Delhi University is one of the most prestigious public universities in the country offering courses in arts and sciences in the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate level. Admission to Delhi University is mostly on the basis of marks in the class 12th board exams, with some other methods for few courses and colleges which will also be discussed here.

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The Best of Four system is the basis on which percentage is calculated, where it counts the top 4 subjects , out of which 1 has to be English. The cutoffs are released and if your best of four is equal to or more than the cut off for your course and college, you are eligible for that course. It is NOT on first come first serve basis, therefore if you apply before the application deadline ends and the seats are full, the college will still have to enroll you in the course.

One important aspect of mastering the cut-offs is realizing that most top colleges close admissions in the top courses after the first or second cut-off. Therefore, it is always better to apply anywhere where you are eligible in the first cut-off. Instead of waiting, it is better to have a backup and DU will always allow you to change your college during later cut-offs.

Another important aspect of cut-offs is deductions and eligibility. For example, applying to several B.Sc courses and B.A Economics Honours is not allowed with the maths, and also economics for the latter. There is also a deduction of 2.5% if you apply to a B.A course with having the subject in Class 12th. Ie, if one applies to History Honours without having it as a subject in class 12th, their best of four percentage will be viewed as 2.5% for the course ( You will have to have gotten 2.5% more than the cut-off to apply)

Usually, colleges just look at board performance as criteria, but in some cases, there are deviations. St. Stephens has two rounds, firstly clearing the cut-off and then an interview round, where selection is done on the basis of the interview. Some courses and colleges have entrance exams and do not look at cut-offs, such as Delhi School of Journalism and Bachelor in Management Studies.

To be able to apply in DU, firstly you need to fill the registration form with your details. After the cut-offs are released, your first step is to apply for the course and college on the online registration portal and then submit the documents, which are class 10th marksheet, class 12th marksheet, birth Certificate, Aadhaar, Passport Sized photographs, Migration Certificate, Transfer Certificate, character certificate, and a print out of the registration form. You will need to submit the original and two photocopies and you will be given the original back after verification.

Make sure that the details you fill in your registration form match the details you have given to your board, otherwise discrepancies might lead to issues with your admission. Another tip to keep in mind if the admission process is held offline is to carry some food and water as the lines and admission process can take hours.

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