Effigies of PM Modi and Ramdev burnt in JNU

Earlier, Jawaharlal Nehru University used to be popular for its standard of education accessible to all strata of society. But the picture is changed as soon as “bharatkibarbadi” is heard in the campus of JNU. The controversy has brought never ending series of tumult in the campus bringing bad reputation to the once popular university.

A week ago, JNU legally summoned its four students in the accusation of burning effigies of Gujarat Government and Goraksha, the matter is not resolved yet subsequently the new upheaval has overtook it.  The members of congress affiliated NSUI were spotted burning the effigies of PM Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah tuesday night, at SaraswatiDhaba in the campus celebrating Dusshera- victory of truth over evil.

Besides Modi and Shah, the effigy had faces of Yoga guru Ramdev, Sadhvi Pragya, Nathuram Godse, Asaram Bapu and JNU vice-chancellor Jagadesh Kumar. The students also carried placards with the slogan, ‘Truth shall prevail over evil”.

Image is taken from Anil Meena's Facebook profile
Image is taken from Anil Meena’s Facebook profile

According to NSUI activist Sunny Diman, the effigy-burning was to symbolize their dissatisfaction with the current government. The idea is to root out the evil from governance and bring about a system that is pro-student and pro-people.

Is this the correct way to protest or not, that is the question.However, with reference to the recent political activities JNU has become the center of politics, controversy and less a studious environmental University.

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