DUSU Interview: NSUI leader Romit Antil from Swami Shardhanand College(Delhi University)

Delhi University Students’ Union(DUSU) is the representative body of students of various colleges of Delhi University. Each college elects certain members each year, who become a part of DUSU. DUSU elections, the most high profile student union elections in the country, are just round the corner. So amidst this excitement and buzz, Aapka Times is bringing to you an encounter with all/some of the people who’re standing for the elections for 2015-16. We took an interview of Romit Antil from Swami Shraddhanand College, and we present to you some excerpts:

Romit Antil is a representative of Congress-affiliated National Students Union of India (NSUI) and is a prolific sports person who believes in the ideology of “health is wealth”. He was the sports captain of his school and has a deep interest in playing table tennis and cricket. He is a follower of Rahul Gandhi and is impressed by his speaking skills and good nature. Ch. Bhupendra Singh Hooda’s soft yet hardworking nature is an inspiration for him. He wants to do something good for his college “Swami Shradhanad College” and wants to take it’s name to higher positions.

Ruhani(Aapka Times): What is your party’s main motive? What all issues do you want to take up if you come to power?
Romit(NSUI): See, mainly, the infrastructure of the old campus building is extremely poor. We aim to improve that. Also, there are no proper drinking water facilities which becomes very problematic in the summers. While Arun Hooda was the President, University special buses were introduced but their services are extremely poor. We plan to provide DTC passes to the students. Also, there should be provision of metro passes for college students.

Ruhani: Your rivals are also working for similar causes. What makes your party unique and different?
Romit: (After thinking) We focus on providing free education to poor students. For this, we are doing protests. if our demands are not met, we would organize bigger protests- we can disrupt the functioning of the metros.

Ruhani: Is it necessary to stop the metros or disrupt their functioning? Isn’t there any other way?
Romit: No, there is no better way. Our demands should fall into the ears of the government.

Ruhani: What all policies and objectives are listed in your party manifesto?
Romit: The first objective is to install water coolers in the college. The present purifiers don’t work at all. Next comes the poor condition of the college library, canteen, old building and the science labs. The instruments in the lab are not adequate and most of them don’t exist at all. we wish to make the library, canteen, and laboratories more student friendly and improve their services as well.

Ruhani: I would want you to describe about the events that your party has organized till now.
Romit:See, we have organized many events till now, like debate competitions and other cultural activities. These activities enhance the speaking skills of students, boost up their confidence, and also help them in winning scholarships.

Ruhani: What is your definition of a true leader?
Romit: According to me, a true leader is the one who places other people’s interest before his own and thinks about their benefits. he should work without adopting any unfair pracrtices.

Ruhani: How do you intend to maximize the welfare of the students?
Romit: From the past few years, it has been observed that the admissions take place through unfair means, specially the ones through the ECA/ Sports qouta. From this time, we are working on providing a unique number to every certificate. we would make sure that only the students who possess original certificates would be allowed to enroll themselves.

Ruhani: Would you like to do anything for the college library?
Romit: The library runs short of books just before the exam time. As a result, not all students are able to enjoy the services of the library. So, we aim to work towards that.
(getting enthusiastic) As i mentioned earlier about the free outsider’s entry inside the college. So, if we come to power, I would make sure that 100 guys are engaged in checking of identity cards of students!

[Content is written and edited by: Ruhani Sethi]

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