DUSU Interview: ABVP leader Ram Kumar Gupta from Swami Shardhanand College(Delhi University)

Delhi University Students’ Union(DUSU) is the representative body of students of various colleges of Delhi University. Each college elects certain members each year, who become a part of DUSU. DUSU elections, the most high profile student union elections in the country, are just round the corner. So amidst this excitement and buzz, Aapka Times is bringing to you an encounter with all/some of the people who’re standing for the elections for 2015-16. We took an interview of  Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) affiliated Akhil Bharatiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP) leader Ram Kumar Gupta along with Swami Shradhanand college’s ( Delhi university) representative Mrigank Shanker, and we present to you some excerpts:

Sandeep(Aapka Times): What is your main agenda this time? On what all causes do you intend to work?
Ram Kumar(ABVP): We have four- five motives this time which we want to achieve.The top most priority would be to activate the services of the University special buses as the students face a lot of problems while commuting to college. There is lack of proper transportation.The second would be to restrict the outsider’s entry into the college. Till now, the entry of outsider’s is free from all scrutiny because of which many boys from outside enter the college and pose a threat to girl’s security in and out of campus.The next important issue would be to address the problem of clean drinking water and to ensure availability of water coolers in the college.Besides, the infrastructure of the old campus building is extremely poor . There is lack of provision of basic facilities. We have already had a word with the Principal regarding this and if required, we would also be ready to protest.

Sandeep: What makes your party unique? How do you distinguish yourself from your rivals?
Ram Kumar: In elections generally, the first year students represent the party and contest elections. Being freshers, they are hardly aware of the problems that the students face. To solve this issue, we have formed two committees- ‘ The Swach Committee’ and ‘The Infrastructure Committee’ to distinguish us from our competitors. There is full student involvement in these committees and they function in a way that helps the party to achieve its different objectives. No other party has such committees.

Sandeep: Any different idea for welfare of students?
Ram Kumar: As i have just told you, our prime concern for welfare of students is to activate and enhance the services of the university special buses. That is the key motive.

Sandeep: Can you give a brief account of all the events that you and your party have organised till now?
Ram Kumar: Look, the work that we do starts right from the admission process by setting up a help desk for students at the time of admission. We guide the students about which information would be provided to them at which particular counter. If any student is short of any particular documents, we help that student in fulfilling all the formalities so that there is no hindrance in his/her admission. Apart from this, we have also organised many blood donation camps and cultural programs. The main purpose behind organizing these these cultural programs is to give a platform to amateurs and provide them with an opportunity to enhance their skills and to explore their hidden talent.

Sandeep: How would you define a true leader?
Ram Kumar: I personally believe, a true leader is the one who posses good communication skills and social interests. He should be well acquainted with the problems that the people face and should have the patience to listen to them. He should also be willing to stand for their rights.

Sandeep: Do you feel that the events organised by you have shown any significant results?
Ram Kumar: Yes, of course.On 12 January, we had organized a cultural program which included strret play and some dance performances. These programs help the students to overcome their fears and inhibitions. Students who do not get a chance to be a part of cultural societies, can showcase their talent through these programs.

Sandeep: Does your party has any manifesto?
Ram Kumar: Yes, every party has a manifesto, so do we. Like as i told you earlier that the two committees that our party has, are our biggest strength. Besides, our college has been in the black list from quite some time because of the corrupt practices that take place at the college level. Mostly, the admissions that take place through the sports quota are based on fake certificates provided by the students. But from now on wards, one member of ABVP will be involved in the admission committee.

[Content is written and edited by: Ruhani Sethi]

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