DUSU Interview: CYSS leader Liyaqat Ali Kamran from Swami Shardhanand College(Delhi University)

Delhi University Students’ Union(DUSU) is the representative body of students of various colleges of Delhi University. Each college elects certain members each year, who become a part of DUSU. DUSU elections, the most high profile student union elections in the country, are just round the corner. So amidst this excitement and buzz, Aapka Times is bringing to you an encounter with all/some of the people who’re standing for the elections for 2015-16. We took an interview of Liyaqat Ali Kamran from Swami Shraddhanand College, and we present to you some excerpts:

Liyaqat Ali Kamran is a ordinary man with extraordinary dreams and he is a representative of Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) affiliated Chhatra Yuva Sangharsh Samiti(CYSS). He believes in the ideology of Swaraj. He is a follower of Gandhiji and Bhagat Singh and all other great revolutionaries. He found a sweet essence of all these and hungerness to make a nation of their dreams in eyes of ‘Arvind Kejriwal’. He loves healthy sensible debates. He was the headboy of his school and winner of around 15-20 different Science, Maths and G.K Olympiads at school and disrtict level during schooling. He loves playing Badminton. Has performed research on “Multiferroics Nanoparticles” under innovation@dussnc207. He has been the winner of College Craft Competition. Besides all that, he is a Humanity lover and wants to give his best for building a healthy environment for all in all sections of society. In an interview with Vaibhav Choudhary, he said:

Vaibhav(Aapka Times): We would like you to tell us about your party’s main motive and agenda’s.
Liyaqat Ali(CYSS): (quick- wittedly) Our party’s motive is simple- “Swaraj”. We believe in the concept of Swaraj. Through Swaraj, the power gets distributed. We aim to make the weaker sections stronger. We want the people to rule for themselves by casting their vote.

Vaibhav: Why do you think the students should vote you?
Liyaqat Ali: From the last many years, ABVP and NSUI have been in power, people already know the kind of work that they do. It has been only one year since our formation. I would just like to say that give us our chance and let us prove ourselves.

Vaibhav: How can you say that your party is different from your rivals?
Liyaqat Ali: Our party is of course different. It is not possible for us to buy votes like other parties because of lack of funds. We derive our inspirations from Aam Admi Party. We do not have money to buy chocolates, pens etc. for the purpose of buying votes of the people. Whatever funds we have, we would like to utilize them to solve the water problems of the college.
I can even guarantee, if the money is not utilized properly, do not vote for us!

Vaibhav: Can you list any four works that you have done till now?
Liyaqat Ali: Yes, we have done many things.

Firstly, when swine flu was at it’s ugliest, we had distributed special masks to the students as a precautionary measure.We had also protested against the CBCS at Khalsa College. We made all possible efforts to voice our opinions.Other parties work when the college is on but we have even worked during the vacations.We are also working to improve our College Canteen. We have already initiated our signature campaign anf if we are able to get 2000 signatures, we would submit it to the Principal who would further help us in our campaign.

Vaibhav: What all policies and objectives are listed in your party’s manifesto?
Liyaqat Ali: The manifesto would be prepared according to the students needs, and not party’s. We have organized a membership drive at the college level which focuses on why students should connect with CYSS.

Vaibhav: Do you also take some membership fees?
Liyaqat Ali: (getting annoyed) No, no. Why would we take membership fees? Do we have to take the money to our homes?

Vaibhav: What unique idea do you have to attract the voters?
Liyaqat Ali: Our main motive is to inculcate a sense of freedom in every student. A change in atmosphere should be felt. There should not be an atmosphere of power and rule.

Vaibhav: Give your idea of a true leader.
Liyaqat Ali: A true leader can only be the one who gives credit to othersfor the good work and takes the blame on self. He should not favour his friends or practice partiality of any kind.

Vaibhav: It is generally observed that parties tend to win the confidence of students by organizing fests alone. Why is it so? Isn’t there any other way?
Liyaqat Ali: No, it is not like that. Students get confidence through fests. Like JAy Deep Man organized a fest last year as the president of the college. By organizing fests, students do not tend to feel that they are in a backward college. It is a way of giving students their rights.

There are other ways also like the signature campaign we are working on. If the Principal doesn’t supports us, we would go to our local MLA, organize protests and if needed, we would also approach Arvind Kejriwal. I would just say- that you have already given other parties their chance, let us also prove ourselves once. We would make your voices get heard and bring the necessary change!

[Content is written and edited by: Ruhani Sethi]

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