6 interesting facts about Ramzan

Ramzan has commenced, the ninth month of Islamic calendar seeing millions of Muslim fasting from dawn to dusk for  coming 29 or 30 days depending upon the moon’s cycle. Ramzan is an Arabic term  meaning  “scorching heat” or “dryness”. In scorching heat fasting ! Sounds difficult tuff impossible ? But its not like that  Refraining drinking and eating makes a man self disciplined. It makes humans body healthy , It acts as a reminder for why and for what  purpose they live,  making their heart softer and their faith stronger. It helps them to become a better human being.

Here 6 more facts about Ramzan that are interesting to know :

#1. Ramzan has a deeper meaning more then fasting Its about moderation. Our body needs a little amount of food intake we usually dined with ” overloading plates”. However , in ramzan people can withstand more than 12 hours without any nourishment like many poor people who doesn’t have scanty or no food at all. Thus , its a training to consume what is necessary , required by the body , to be fit and healthy.

#2. Fasting is goof for health as it reduces the excessive food intake by the body. Thus consuming less food prevents many a diseases. ” According to a 2007 study conducted by the University of California at Berkeley, alternate-day fasting may decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, lower diabetes, protect against some effects of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, and improve cognitive function. ~ ” Marwa Abdelghani So fasting is healthy..hence proved.

#3. Fasting in ramzan isn’t confined  to drinking and eating but also  required to abstain themselves from provocative behavior , backbiting ( Gibbat) , harsh and rude behavior ! Sinful activities , sexual activities , drinking and smoking. All practices that are forbidden by Allah and his prophet

#4. Fasting is obligatory for every Muslim but elderly people , sick , pregnant women , in mensuration , children who haven’t hit puberty and Travellers  are exempted though in latter case they have to compensate it.

#5. Ramzan is a month in which every Muslim good or bad prays thereby it brings a man closer to Allah. Refraining from all evil and bad Practices for a period of 30 days , they turn habitual thus transforming their characters and cleansing their souls.

#6. Ramzan sees the holisest night ” layalatul qadr” . the night is relevant as it is believed angles come down on earth and Allah forbade all sins of the people who worships in these night. the last ten ramzan in odd numbers (21,23,25, 27,29) are important , though the date of holy night is not specified in Quran. And also in this night first verses of quran were releaved to prophet Mohammad. The last day 29 or 30 day sees the rise of moon followed by the celebration of eid.

Ramzan a month of blessing and worshiping. Allah and his followers comes closer , Muslims as a community comes closer when it comes to the celebration of Eid. It a happy month have happy fasting 🙂

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