Candle light march held in Jamia protesting against the ISIS and Global Terrorism

A candle light march had been conducted in Jamia Millia Islamia to protest against the wide spread ISIS and Global Terrorism. Students of Jamia Millia Islamia University participated in huge numbers to stand against the wrong. The march initiated from University’s Jama Masjid and culminated at the gates of Jamia School.Prof. Tasneem Meenai, Dean Student’s Welfare and Prof. Mehtab Alam, Chief Proctor, also became an avid part along with other faculty members.
A student member amidst the crowd, Meeran Haider said “USA, ISRAEL, FRANCE and other NATO alliances along with RUSSIA in the name of fighting terrorism, are killing innocent lives in the Middle -East countries. This has resulted in increased global terrorism.”
The march had been conducted to request the global leaders to re-design the policies so that this earth could become a peaceful place to live with peace and harmony. The motive was to give out a message of global peace.
“We want to give a message and promote peace to the global leaders handling the international affairs. ISIS is not representing Islam. ISIS is a terrorist group engaged in killing innocents which is strictly prohibited in Islam” said Sahil, a member of Jamia Students’ Forum

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