Meet this BCA student who helps Mumbai police solve cases!

Shubham Ajit Singh is pursuing his bachelors (BCA) and is already a professional in ethical hacking. Shocked after his Facebook profile got hacked, he realized the importance of ethical hacking to beat cyber-crimes, for the world.He is certified in Ethical Hacking and similar courses from numerous universities including IIT Bombay Wegilant. He has solved cases for Mumbai police and crime branch, worked with Anti-Terrorist Squad and has launched Cyber Crime Investigation Course, which many crime investigation biggies are undertaking.Risky though the field is, Shubham can’t stop doing what he loves.

Here are excerpts of an interview we had with him:

Aakanksha(Aapka Times): The field you chose requires a lot of hard work and knowledge. What motivated you to choose this stream?
Shubham :“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” ~Robert F. Kennedy
Life presents us with a lot of challenges and we need to welcome those challenges with an open heart. Once you find the thing you love, you wait for nothing. Once you see the crystal clear picture of your life, then you know what you want to do with your life. Same thing happened with me.

Someone hacked my Facebook profile and finally I realized the gravity of the issue. If this could happen to me, it could happen to anyone. I realized ethical hacking is the perfect way to save people from several online frauds.

Aakanksha: Don’t you think that this passion of yours has put your life on risk?
Shubham : Yes, I do know that this career is full of risks and threats. But, excessive caution can kill your passion. This is the reason I am not bothered about the threats, I consider them to be the part of life. Life without risks is useless. ‘A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.’

Aakanksha: Which was the most complicated case that you managed to solve with your skills?
Shubham : The most complicated case was related to national security- a cyber-terrorism case. I have helped Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS-Thane) to crack the case and finally trace the accused. There are some other cases as well related to cyber-crimes which I cannot reveal as of now.

Aakanksha: Did your parents support you to the fullest or were they worried about your security?
Shubham : Yes, my parents supported me to the fullest in my endeavour. But, you have to have complete faith in your own dreams. Moreover, you have to instil confidence in your parents about your idea.They support me for my job but they are concerned about my security. At the end of the day, they are parents.

Aakanksha: How do you manage your studies alongside?
Shubham : Till date, I have been successfully managing my studies along with job. To keep the balance between both, I have opted for distance education for pursuing my graduation.

Aakanksha: Would you like to say few words to motivate young engineers who are having a similar interest?
Shubham : No one can motivate anyone until they love to do what they are doing. I have been working hard for years in the right direction. Just working hard is not enough, you have to choose a right direction and keep working. I am dedicated to my work and would not shy away from saying that work is worship for me.

Success or failure is not in our hands my friends, just work hard choosing your own way. And, if you are putting genuine efforts in the right direction, certainly success will kiss you.



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