No Shave November: Game of Men- An Appreciated Task to Save Poor Lives

Are you a part of No-Shave November campaign? Have you registered on their official site? Have you donated some money to it? Well, it sounds a lot of fun when boys all over the world participate in this unique campaign by letting their moustaches, hair and beard grow at their fullest and posting their pictures and status of being a participant on social media. But only a few numbers of populations are aware of this innovative to fight against cancer.

No shave November is actually a web based campaign officially launched in November, 2009 initiated when the Hill family of Chicago lost one of its family members due to colon cancer. They decided to spread awareness of cancer in such a way that youth would love to participate in charity and the patients who do not possess enough money to get a proper treatment could get the same.

Since last two years, it is gaining popularity worldwide and executes their desire to raise the fund as much as possible for the cancer patients worldwide. It’s uniqueness is embedded in its attempt to collect the little amount of money that people used to spend on shaving, waxing, as well as buying the tria laser here, haircut, eyebrow plucking and so on which would result in a great sum as a whole, only for a month. Hence, it takes nothing extra from the people, because donating such amount of currency anyone could afford.

So, as its tagline says “let it grow”, grow your hair and embrace them which many cancer patients lose and donate that money which you usually spend in a salon. And the officials of the campaign would provide treatment to the patients by your donated money. Boys, if you love beard and moustaches it is a great opportunity to celebrate your masculinity and embrace it for no one will question you “ Dear, why don’t you get a haircut?” at least for a month.

And girls, you all can participate in this to not to restrict the campaign’s boundaries only to men, as we all know, girls spend a lot of money on their haircut and waxing so, without you this campaign would not be able to collect a huge amount of charitable fund.

Come on people; give it a chance for it could save lives of the cancer patients. Your fashion can contribute in saving someone else’s life.

To participate, register on No-shave November official site and let them know that you’re in support of it. And if you cannot participate, ask your friends to.

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