A Tribute to the biggest lies of our lives

Those were the times when we believed anything we were told- like this world has unicorns, a fairy will come and take you to a Wonderland, when we feared darkness and believed life is fair…

  1. Dreams are dreams Just follow them
    Saw a dream where a you small town girl turn into a princess someday??How fascinating it is. Isn’t it??Well but the stark reality is dreams can only be achieved when chased. Wake up, work hard, and run after to make your dream come true…In reality fate matters more than luck.
  1. This big misconception of school & college
    Admit it no school is like Karan Johar’s “Student of The Year”. Mini skirts, untied hair, and what not. No rules, no regulations and that is what happens only in movies!
  1. Salary comes and salary goes
    Haha it’s exactly like money comes in like a tortoise and vanishes away like a rabbit.Received the monthly pay today and in that happiness you spent a bit on yourself, household bills kills, food rates today are high, and from 100% in your hand it comes down to 40% or even below.
    So, it’s not like you are Ambani’s kid and you can go all day long munching on everything you want.
  1. Blame the movies, I say.
    You see a girl today and fall in love with her, there is a villain you fight with, make your families agree for the marriage and you live happily ever after! Seriously??Someone will come on a horse to take you along; Some Jaadu kinda alien will come to your rescue and stuff!
    Goodmorning, Welcome to real life where you have to learn and earn, fight for love, Work and die!!
  1. No TGIF?
    Friday arrives and there is a smile on everyone’s face that finally weekend is round the corner. But wait a second weekend means tones of other work. The leftover at office/job/college to be completed; household chores can’t be ignored now!
    So it might sound pleasing that “Thank God it’s Friday” it’s not actually a thanking to God. And when weekend arrives another load comes in with a thought “5 minutes back it was Friday”!!
  1. Big LOL
    Laughing out loud!! But do we really do that? Burdened under various pressures and tensions we have lost our smiles so how to even think about laughter? A fake smile a false face is what we all wear. But why??Take out some “Me-Time” and have “Live Out Loud-LOL”.
    So, as it’s said that Life isn’t about pleasing anyone but yourself, so make happiness your first choice and life with a bang! J

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Pallavi-Rohatgi.jpg” ]Pallavi Rohatgi is a student of Bharati college,University of Delhi pursuing English Honours. She has been awarded ‘The student of the year’ by The Times Of India.She writes as an author on blogs and has done a Certified course in Writing under the US Embassy.She likes to take up on Social issues and Women empowerment.[/author]

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