Gaurav, a middle class employee worked at a scheduled office hour, i.e. 9 A.M in the morning to 5.30 P.M in the evening to get his articles published and go home with a not so big pay check. Working for an A- list advertising agency was his dream job and there he was, working at the office desk of a top list advertising agency in New Delhi as a content writer. Struggling with a failure of series of non-published articles was he finally about to give up when he saw his last penned down article published on the office portal, but hey! It was signed under his editor’s name. Counting down the number of sleepless nights that he devoted to various platforms to be recognized one day, that one day when he could see his name published somewhere, in some column, did he slowly reach the window sill of his room and… jumped!”

1…2…3 “trample over!”  Welcome to the rat race of the per capita income that the nation feels proud of to announce every year around the income tax submissions. Unfortunately, facing a high degree of “existential crisis” are we, the industry builders, facing a similar situation sometime or the other in various grounds of excellence. As they say, all that glitters isn’t gold, similarly the highly furnished MNC’s and other corporate firms have blots of black in the milieu that they wish to proffer to every employee with open arms, brewing a holocaust of ethical destruction.

Where smart phones, I- pads and other conglomerated external devices are replacing the validity of our internal emotions, the heart felt emotions are flushed down the drain along with the ethics that one upheld in every situation to lead through a happy life sometime in the history. Hypocrisy is a pivotal element these days to earn smart money, a heartlessly insensitive prospect with high brands, veiling the corruption in manifolds, our nation that booms with development, ironically could never be branded as “developed” till date.

The paradigm of our life has been constructed in such a manner that we come into this world to mint money. From the time we’re born, our minds are shaped to fix into the stigma of existentialism, where embracing in their arms, our parents inked our fate as the “next CEO”, “next soccer player”, “an actor” etc. Why can’t we just be what we are without being criticized and at the same time, be appreciated for it? There was a time when teachers were revered, and lessons- the crucial life lessons, were taught sitting under the shade of a tree, those lessons which made people come out as warriors of tomorrow.

Technology was meant to uplift our standards, not to crumble the quality of the human mind. Learning at some point in the late centuries was an art, people wanted to know more, they had an urge, a hunger for knowledge which was satiated by those who were revered, the teachers who are now taken for granted because all that we get educated for is to mint money. I too personally experienced a similar estrangement as I clung to the everyday work space scenario a month back when I interned with a small but a progressive firm, I was made to throw away the last candies of innocent human behavior and had been given a rare view of the real brutalities of life, which choked me in a way that college happened to be my only refuge to pick up those candies from where I threw them. Yet, the very thought of entering the corporate world after graduation is a scary notion in execution for me.

Unfortunately, money today has become a wholesome energy that has the ability to overpower humanity and so, the rat race began and people were trampled over, pushed to a wilderness in exhaustion. Those working with their ethics are facing a tough time, but hang on believers! It might be tough, but it’s definitely wise and lucrative in the end. Ethics might treat one with difficulty but a long run is the right run, shortcuts are bound to fail.

[author image=”” ]Naina Grover is doing her major in English literature. She has been an avid writer, surreal fiction being her forte. She has also qualified a certificate course in creative writing from the British Council and has an inclination towards psychoanalytical studies. She is both, a seeker and an explorer with a tinge of inquisitiveness to experiment with both, life and writing at large. As a part of her personal interest, she also writes lyrics for her self-created symphonies and wishes to excel further in her endeavor to take up writing as her career prospect. [/author]

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