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10 fashion tips to know for every student this summer

Fashion means being fun and quirky. But being fashionable in college is not the easiest job to be, don’t you agree? Then again it is so hot out there to slay your game.

Do you also think that comfort and fashion could not go along? Well, if you do not feel comfortable in what you are wearing, then it will be reflected too. It will look as if you are being awkward or shy all the time, thereby resulting in low confidence.

Who wants that, right? So be comfortable, especially in summers with your fashion game on point. Now you might be wondering how?

Therefore, do not worry, we have got you covered with our 10 tips to beat the heat keeping in mind your fashion needs.

1. Wearing Bright Colours

In this contemporaneous world, wearing bright colours is never out of fashion. That too in the summer, scorching heat. Wearing bright and light colours will help stay in fashion and as well as beat the summers.

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2. Choose comfort clothes over blingy outfits

Fashion not only suggests looking cool and being pretty, but the main aspect of fashion is being comfortable. Choosing comfortable clothes not only at home but even outdoors works. That can be an overall casual and seamless look. Whereas blingy outfits could be suffocating.

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3. Switching to Airy Fabrics this summer

Wearing light, flowy, and airy fabrics could be the best saviour for the summers for you. Cotton absorbs sweat and hence is preferable to wear in summers. You can also go for rayon or linen as well. There are a variety of designs and good materials available both offline and online for you to pull off in this humid weather. Shorts, skirts, Bermudas, baggy jeans and dresses that are now in trend can be one of the exceptional fits for summers that you can find in the right fabrics for you.

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4. Wearing Shades wherever you go

Carrying shades should be a mandate for you to wear. Just kidding, not a mandate, but a necessity for summers. Shades and summers go hand in hand. So use shades/sunglasses in summers to keep the harmful ultraviolet rays away from your eyes.

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5. Mixing Colours, Mixing Trends

You can always pair light with one solid-coloured piece. Remember that your colour palette should be nude. But you can keep experimenting with mixing nude shades with solid colours, they will give you a great contrast, and overall a good look for the summers.

Image Credits: Google Images (The Trend Spotter)

6. Baggy clothes or loose fitted clothes

If you think that those loose clothes of yours are of no use, then you might be wrong here. Baggy clothes or loose clothes are in trend now and are going to be there for a long time because of the ease and comfort they bring about. This kind of style is breathable and you can go creative with it. They will make the heat bearable for you to enjoy summer wholeheartedly.

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7. Printed Outfits Saving the Day

Well, printed outfits can never go out of style. In the summer, they can become your best friends. Floral prints, polka dots are easily the best and help you save the day. There are kurtas, shirts, and cute tops available in the same prints.

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8. Hats as one of the accessories

Hats should be part of your attire whenever stepping out. It could go well with your dresses, or even with shirts and trousers. So consider hats as one of the necessary accessories that you are wearing besides neckpieces.

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9. Give yourself the Liberty to be Creative

Trying out various other patterns, playing around with different colours, giving yourself the creative freedom should be your motto this summer. Try out the distinguished hairstyles like different kinds of braids – fishtail, French braid, etc. and other than braids, you can go for buns as well so experiment more with hairstyles – be it short or lengthy hair.

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10. Be Yourself

Last but not the least, always be open to change, because the game of fashion is ever evolving. Fashion trends keep on changing. Be updated with what’s latest but do not forget to be yourself because that is the most important detail of fashion and that is being you. Always know what interests and suits you, and be aware of what excites you.

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Just be bold and confident, and keep experimenting. Hope this helped you in a way to shine at your college too!

Written by: Tanvi

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7 things to check before taking up a PG

Taking up a PG or a hostel for the first time is both amazing and scary. Some people are in love with the idea of living independently, while some come to a PG because of college or work and it’s only later that they start loving it. Whatever the case may be, it’s always important to have a good, well-facilitated PG if you want your PG days to be a good experience.

So how do you actually go about finding a decent place for yourself to live in? You check online or ask some contacts, pick up a few options, visit the flats and check them for facilities and looks (or whatever your preference is), strike a deal, pay the rent and the humongous deposit amount, and shift in. Easy peasy!

Well, picking up the right PG is a very tricky task. You could visit once and think everything is fine, but once you shift, you start experiencing all the problems. You need to be very careful and pay attention to all the big and small details before moving into a PG. It’s about comfort, after all. It’s true that rented and shared accommodation could never feel like home, but now that you have to live in one, why not suit yourself in the best way you can?

Here’s a list of things to check before taking a PG. I noted these down when I was in one and was facing all the problems.

#1 Water
First thing, check the drinking water facilities- whether the PG has an RO or uses water from packaged bottles. If it uses direct tap water, it’s a no right away! Otherwise, check the RO machine if it functions properly or if the bottles have clean water.

Then, check the availability of water for other purposes. Check the medium of water supply- whether they have 24*7 access to water/submersible, or whether they depend on the municipality’s water supply that is available just 2 times a day for a limited time. Check that the water is not salty, smelly or unclean.

Trust me, water is one thing you can’t compromise with. I lost half my hair washing them with salty tap water.

You can’t live without electricity- you just can’t. I know people who start panicking (not sulking, actually getting anxious) when the power supply is cut off due to any reason- I am one of them! And the thing is that every time power goes off, I start worrying about all the horrible things that could happen, like my phone running out of battery or having no access to water because I couldn’t turn on the motor.

Before you move into a PG, get an idea on how often the power goes off in the area, how well the invertor works, and how many units of power the devices (especially AC or cooler) consume (as that would directly impact the bill). 

Check the wiring- make sure there are no loose ends or any chance to get hit by current or have short-circuits. 

#3 Food & Kitchen

  • Check the taste of the food. See whether it’s too spicy, oily or sugary. Make sure the curry is not watery and so on.
  • Check the menu. Make sure they provide nutritious food.
  • The raw items they use- whether the products are branded or loose, their quality
  • Check the containers and shelves where they store the groceries and veggies. Usually, there’s a lot of unclean places involved.
  • Check how hygienically they cook. In my old PG, they use to prepare the dough on the slab itself.
  • Check the dishwashing area to see if it’s kept clean
  • Check the facility and resources available for cooking, like stove, utensils, grinder, etc.
  • If you’re a non-vegetarian, ask whether they provide/allow non-vegetarian food in the PG.

#4 Nature/Environment/Neighbourhood/Locality
Well, when I first took a PG, I was lucky that it was in a beautiful society. I had a park right in front of the house, and that park became an essential part of my lifestyle. My room had a balcony. The neighbours were all decent, though it wasn’t easy to spot people every day. There was greenery in the society.

It was a gated society, so it was safer than the rest of the places. But there was one disadvantage involved- the gates of the society closed at 11 pm, so if I ever had to come late, I could only come in through the main gate, which was kilometres away. I had to walk outside the gate sometimes as cabs would arrive there instead of coming inside 

#5 Shops/facilities- banks, gym, ATM
Now, coming to the most basic requirements and their availability, it is very important to have shops nearby. I was unlucky I had to walk a long way for the basic grocery items, and take an auto for anything more than that. When you move in to a PG, make sure you have all the amenities nearby, at least the availability of daily necessities like milk, soap, etc.

#6Transport connectivity
Unless you have your own vehicle, not having transport connectivity at your doorstep would be an everyday torture. Look for a place that has availability of shared autos, e-rickshaws, etc. 

#7 Space, infra, facilities, furnishing, Wi-Fi, washing machine, etc.

Now coming to the basic features of the PG- the infrastructure and the facilities provided. These are the features which you can choose or compromise with according to your preference and budget- the look and space of the room, the furniture provided or available for use, appliances like washing machine, TV, geyser, fridge etc.

Make sure the PG provides good Wi-Fi because you would most certainly need it.

Make a list of things that you would like to be provided by the PG beforehand- mattress, pillow, bed sheet, table chair, etc- and when you visit the PG, check if you will be getting all those.

So, here’s your checklist. You’re now all set to go PG hunting!

Lifestyle Richa Bhandari

Thirteen reasons why Summer Vacations are great !

The wait is over and the vacation season is here. I know we all use to long for it so that we could just relax, but it is only this time that you can indulge in something and not be stressed about studies. Along with relaxing doing something productive will be beneficial in the long run.

So it’s the time you get out of the bed and buckle up your shoes. Here are the few things you could do:

#1 Find an internship

Start following your passion, it would help explore subject of your interest and gain more knowledge about it. Also the stipend you earn will be enough for paying your cafe bills.

#2 Get out the artist in you

Painting, Photography, Writing or creating something will help you learn and also calm you from the year-long stress.

#3 Go on a trip

What else can be better time to explore new places, experience different cultures and try new food. You can go on a vacation, Bag packing trips or if you don’t plan on leaving your city you could go for weekend treks or be tourist in your own city.

#4 Get your hands on good books

It would just not serve the purpose of entertaining but will enhance your imagination skills and vocabulary.

#5 Maintain your health by sweating out

Start your day with some sport, jogging, yoga or even swimming is a good way to beat the heat.

#6 Time for a makeover

You can experiment with your looks, try out different hairstyles, try out new trends


#7 Start a blog

write to express. you can turn yourself into a blogger and try fashion, lifestyle, technical or any other sort of blog

#8 Learn a new language

Learn a new language by taking classes or even apps like duo-lingo can help you with it.

#9 Try gardening

Grow organic fruits and vegetables and keep yourself healthy during this season.

#10 Take up Volunteering

Help the society in ways you could by being a part of any NGO or social program

#11 Learn a new software

Try to be Techno-savvy , learn a new software which would benefit you like Photoshop, Premier pro

#12 Spend time with your loved ones

there would be no other appropriate time to mingle with family and friends. Have get together, hang out with them, spend time with them because even they have vacations.

#13 Alas!! ENJOY!!

whatever you do don’t forget to have fun!

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15 love bullets to kill the fury and save your relationship

*During conflicts think resolution not termination*

Well, it’s safe to assume that you got into a serious fight yet again with your spouse, little wonder you googled “how to stop fights in a relationship” well congratulations you have already done 50% of the job because you are in an unagitated state of mind and willing to take a pragmatic approach to resolve the ongoing conflict.

#1 Hey, Take It Easy Fights Are Healthy

Before we discuss the steps to end the fray between the two of you, let me tell you something interesting, you might think I’ve gone bonkers but here’s the reality: fights are healthy, they are very good and important for the growth of a relationship and to productively consolidate it, just as cement keeps two bricks together, fights also keep two loved ones together. It helps you know your partner better, relationship .what he or she  xperelationship.Excess of anything isn’t healthy, just like too much sugar might give you diabetes, if you only get all lovey-dovey and never fight, then it can mean either of the two things : either you are robots programmed not  to fight, or you are not serious with each other and your love isn’t deep enough.

To quote anonymous “Don’t worry if I fight with you, worry when I stop because it means that there’s nothing else left to fight for.” Fights are good because when they are over they make you feel love as if you have fallen in love with your partner for the first time. That“I love you babe” you say after a fight has been solved and you have overcome the risk of losing your beloved and the “I luv u” you say a million times a day are two entirely different things.  “Best relationships aren’t the ones without fights, but they are the ones when you aren’t afraid to fight because you know that the other person still be there at the end of it.

*Shhhhhh shut your nut!*

“Say what you mean, but don’t say it mean.” —Andrea Wachter, marriage counselor

Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret. Angry people are not always wise. Its better you remain silent when your spouse is angry and doesn’t seem interested in peaceful talks. During conflict one of the two partners have to be a bit chilled out, if both of you get all narked up then it will be difficult to solve the problem. Drink water, go out for a walk, turn on the television just do anything which would distract you and cool you down a little.

“Be calm in arguing for fierceness makes error a fault and truth discourtesy.” —George Herbert, poet

#2 I’m not going to change for anyone

Let us get something clear in our heads, we see a lot of self-obsessed ,self-centered people promoting things like “accept me the way I am or watch me as I go”. For the love of God never ever say this! This will have the same impact on your relationship what kryptonite has on superman, yes sir you heard that right. Don’t forget you are two imperfect , incomplete individuals yearning  for perfect love and look forward to complete each other. Don’t be egoistic and think you are at the peak of perfection and that you do not need to change for anyone.

A relationship is about : us and we and not about : I and me. There are two of you so it should be your duty to work upon yourself and change some habits if they are bothering your beloved and making him/her uncomfortable. You need to decide what is more important to you, your $ billion ego or your beloved. Remember he/she is your partner not your slave Dobby from that Harry Potter movie.

#3 Walk in her shoe

She has left her family, that castle she spent more than two decades of her life ever since she let out her first cry. She is looking after your family, kids, giving birth to children, many a times she does not even get to decide the name of the kids, does all the work, takes up all the stress and yet, welcomes you with a smile. Let her vent her anger out,she needs to do it. If you don’t allow that to happen then this might leave her dissatisfied with you and she might start complaining to a third person and this will jeopardize your bond.

#4 Don’t go to bed without solving things

Until and unless you think that a break is necessary then try to solve the matter before going to sleep. You don’t want to get dreams about your girl moving on with one of those creepy vultures stalking her since ages or neither you want your man to go to some other girl or get drifted away. Its better you solve the issue, forgive each other and go to sleep with that “I love you, goodnight ,muuuaaah!” (sounded creepy ? yeah right judge me as if you don’t)

#5 Bring gifts or take her out

When things go south, you take her out! Yes but before that you go out for a walk alone, calm yourself down even if you need that 13 rupees nicotine kick take it, but cool down first. Buy something  for her, doesn’t have to be an expensive diamond ring! Her favorite ice cream would do the trick, or a rose , maybe an apology card with some chocolates, take her out to her favourite place to eat or order something she likes to eat if you don’t have the energy to go out.

#6 Where did I go wrong ?

During a fight you have to think from a third person point of view , evaluate, the situation, think where you went wrong, wear your partner’s lenses and look at yourself. You will know how to go about it.

#7 Write a diary

Make a habit of writing about the good qualities of your partner and the beautiful moments you spent with one another. During fights if you read it, your anger will  recede substantially. You should also look at pictures of both of you together, these things will remind you of the time when you loved each other so much and never thought of going apart.

#8 The fight or your partner?/ self-respect v/s hollow ego

Make up your mind , what is more important to you? what makes you happier? Is it your partner or your ego. It is also important to differentiate between ego and self-respect. Let us avoid the blame game, we often remain adamant, behave egoistically and don’t make the first move whilst accusing the other half of being egoistic. Did you take the initiative or not ?

#9 Cultural problems/ upbringing

If both of you are from different cultures or have been raised differently you need to give your partner that time to change, this won’t happen instantly, it is a gradual process, you have to be patient.

#10 Brush it off your sleeves

Please put aside your “I am offended” buzzer aside, don’t go on fighting over petty issues all the time. You need to be a little tolerant and ignore little things. But do raisethe issue if it’s a serious one.

#11 Don’t blame each other’s family


Don’t say what you’re going to regret. Don’t drag each other’s parents or loved ones into your fight. Never use foul language against them .Give the respect they deserve. If you don’t show respect towards his/her family and display hostility then behold! You will lose your partner.

#12 Couple’s therapy

Go to a relationship counselor along with your partner, this will be very beneficial. Don’t be shy, share everything so that you can get the best advice.

#13 Take a break to avoid a breakup

Excessive familiarity leads to distress. If you are talking to your partner the entire day and till the third of the night, you are bound to have problems. You should give each other that space. When you are not with one another you will realize what you both mean to each other when you start missing him/her.

#14 Peace talks!

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” —Rumi, ancient poet

Now when the cold war is over between you two and you’ve decide not to act USA and USSR anymore, sit and talk about the matter in detail,
tell your partner what you think was wrong and listen to your partner’s point of view. Both of you will sound much more intelligent and sensible when you are chilled out than in a fit of rage.

#15 Seek help

If you think that the two of you are unable to solve a conflict then its better you ask someone to intervene. That person should have the confidence of both the partners.

(Written by: Shaikh Junaid Bin Ejaz, Graduate in English literature from Jamia university.Currently teaches English and psychology to  International school students and is an entrepreneur.)
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5 Ways To Make A Very Modern Room For A Teen Girl Inexpensively

Though making and decorating a ‘modern’ room for a teenage girl may seem like a daunting task, in reality, it can not only be rewarding but fun. Here are a few suggestions directly from a teenage girl to help you along.

1: Take The Girl’s Taste Into consideration

Although you may assume all teenage girls appreciate similar things, you could be drastically wrong. Ask her what favourite colours, bands, celebrities, hobbies, patterns and room styles are. Get as much information about the girl as possible before beginning. Though not all of it may seem useful, any shred of information can be helpful.

2: While Shopping For Furniture, Remember That There Are Three Necessities When It Comes To A Teenager’s Room.

One: a comfortable bed.

Two: a desk and chair to do homework and keep up on hobbies.

Three: storage

Think wall-shelves, bookshelves, bins, and dressers with plenty of drawers. Teens are known for their messy habits and if you have not given them a place to put their things… well, don’t expect the room to remain clean. Beyond that, good lighting (especially around the desk) and other sitting provisions (who doesn’t love beanbags?) for friends are nice to have. Like a lounge area almost!

3: Flesh Out The Room’s Style

A bedspread is a good place to start with the room’s colour scheme. Make sure it doesn’t clash with the wall/carpet colour, it is comfortable, and the girl will like the colours. Obviously, stay away from any colours or patterns she particularly dislikes.

4: Follow Through On Your Chosen Colour Scheme And Add A Few Matching, Decorative Touches To The Room

Bright drapes/curtains, rugs, desk accessories, and new lampshades are easy ways to add colour. One great idea that many ‘hip’ teens do is to put up while holiday lights in their room. It works best if the strands are white and that the lights have swag to make it look better. Another great idea is to write her favourite song or poem in another language such as Japanese or Chinese and hang it above her desk. Don’t forget, this is a teen, so keep it funky! How about some lava lamps or funky wall art?

5: Add Your Finishing Touches

This is where the girl’s interest can come into play. A few posters of choice and photographs on the wall really add character to the room, and will make your teen feel right at home. Get her 2 to 3 posters (that she can hang up herself in case she wants them in a special place) of her favourite band, celebrity, movie, or anything else she may have mentioned to you!

So what are waiting for? Geer up to decorate your room.






7 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Sometime its very hard to being a girl, here we discuss some fashions tips for girls. Every girl can follow that tips. Its very useful for your daily life.. Quick and useful tips in this modern society.

1. Stop your bra from showing

Sew a bra strap clasp in your shirt to avoid visible bra strap. Because its very embarrassing to show off the bra strap. Give us the uncomfortable feeling.

2.How to remove deodorant strain

Deodorant strain is very embarrassing for girl. If you are get ready for party and then you found that a strain of deodorant on your fav dress. Then your mood might be off . So the quick method to remove the deodorant strain
  • Use a baby wipe to remove the deodorant strain.
  • Get rid of yellow deodorant stains by applying a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and water to the pesky spots.

3. Sweater pill razor hack

Its very common issue That pills on sweater usually come after some time. It can be remove very easily from the flat cloth with the help of disposable razor. Lay your garments on smooth surface and use disposable razor to remove the pill off from the flat cloth. I don’t recommend this technique on sweaters but it will work awesome on sweatshirts and tight knitted fabric.
  • Use a sweater comb, pumice stone, or pill shaver to help clean off your sweater, but never pull the pills by hand.

4. Banish water stain on leather

Water stain on leather is common issue. Strain should be on bags, jacket, shoes or purses. The best method to remove the water stain from all the leather product to mix vinegar and cold water and rub gently on leather. It become shiny or stain free.

5. Unstick pesky zipper

Unstick pesky zipper annoy all the time while we open or close it. If it create the problem when we unzip the zipper, we try to open it forcefully and it may be cause the damage of zip. So un zip the zipper smoothly you can try this trick..
Rub Vaseline, crayon wax, or the end of a graphite pencil along the teeth of a zipper to help it slide smoothly.

6. Preventing dark jeans to fading

It’s a common problem that dark jeans always loose some colour and change its original colour. Sometime patches are occur on the dark jeans and it appears ugly. To prevent the patches or fade away the colour we provide a solution for you.
  • Add 1/2 cup of distilled vinegar to the last washing cycle.

7. Test jean fit

If you don’t have time to try the jean fit or you have wear the heavy cloth which is taken time to remove then you can follow this simple trick to test the jean. Wrap the waste of jean around your neck if you can touch the two end together around your neck it means the fitting of jean should be proper.


we can simply conclude from the above tricks and tips that it may help to save your time, and gives you the best result. It’s a very easy, safe or affordable tips for girls.
Read More : Amazon Customer Service

(Written by: “Preet Sandhu.She is among few Female bloggers From India)

ATH Health Lifestyle Naina Grover


As we have come to a closure of the tormenting exam fever, it’s time to pamper ourselves a bit. A mind- body- soul relaxation is what we all need to revitalize ourselves and live a sabbatical that makes a difference. Following are ways to live each moment of the spare time and make the most of it in productive measures. It’s time to reconnect to self and our real surrounding.

#1. YOGA: Good morning life! Start your day with some relaxation to revitalize the worn out tissues of yesterday to give them a kick. It gives a positive start to the day ahead. A morning exercise helps you activate yourself and keeps you energetic throughout the day. Giving your joints a magical drumroll, yoga helps you in a trio – it’s a mind-body-soul exercise.

#2. HEALTHY DIET– Give your belly a satisfactory start to burn throughout the day. A good breakfast of a nutrient- rich diet would help you lead better and make the most of the day, a diet which eventually is a pattern followed, ticking off the entire day at the right hour. It’s very important to craft a body alarm and feed the system at the right hour of the day to make the tough going.

#3. EXPOSE YOUR MIND TO ART: We do understand “food for belly”, but we also need to look into “food for soul”. Vacations give you a platform to make the best out of the spare time that you have, instead of loafing around or spending the entire day in bed. Every person must know their purpose and thus, work towards it. Create a life that matters, eventually one should work towards broadening their mindscape. “Food for thought” as we call it, is something that gives you an idea to think about. Art makes the best source- exhibitions, plays and concerts being your outlet.

#4. A POSITIVE PLAYLIST: It’s important to note that we are what we speak, hear and see. Thus, our thoughts are highly influenced by the music we listen to. Even if it’s abstract, we do tend to join our own emotions to it. So we come across a simple equation here, listen good to feel good.

#5. FAMILY TIME: Having lost our conscience into social media, we although don’t realize but we do need a break off from social media to interact with people who matter the most. We all do need some family time and give our Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram some rest. The generation gap that we talk about isn’t all because of the age but because of the shifting priorities and technological advancements as well.

#6. TRAVEL: We all, yes it’s a need. We all do need a break sometimes from the mundane surroundings, the same buildings, roads, people and destinations. The flora and fauna too becomes boring. We at times do need a change of place for a change of mind. What are you waiting for? Backpack and go!

[author image=”” ]Naina Grover is doing her major in English literature. She has been an avid writer, surreal fiction being her forte. She has also qualified a certificate course in creative writing from the British Council and has an inclination towards psychoanalytical studies. She is both, a seeker and an explorer with a tinge of inquisitiveness to experiment with both, life and writing at large. As a part of her personal interest, she also writes lyrics for her self-created symphonies and wishes to excel further in her endeavor to take up writing as her career prospect. [/author]

ATH Fashion Featured Post Lifestyle Nishi Dangi

Five girly things to keep in mind while getting ready for the college

For you must be one of those college girls who love to hang out with your friends in and around your college campus, clicking number of selfies and groupfies and then post it, here are five ways to make your hangouts and your groupfies more cool in your own terms;

  1. Lessen accessories – Try to be casual as much as you can. You can wear those trendy casual accessories but at a minimal use. Doing all the “masti wala stuff” in your college time, you need not to be more gauche by wearing those shiny and heavy earrings, pendants, bangles as it can trouble you for no reason. Try to take some simple and urbane accessories if you love to wear them.
    girly thing
  2. Carry stonewashed colors in your wardrobe: while going college, you can see girls carrying light blue denim and faded t-shirts. Well, faded colors are a trend as they promote casualty in your personality; free, wild, and classy all together.
    girly thing
  3. Say no to dupattas; well if you love ethnic wear then forget about carrying that long dupattas on your salwar kameej. It’s a college girls, to look stylish wearing your favorite kurti and salwar, exclude the dupattas from your wardrobe. You can also wear neck closed kurti if you’re not comfortable without a dupatta.
    girly thing
  4. Time to style your hair: whether it is jeans or kurti, all you need to do with your hair is to lose them free. Let them breathe and they will make you feel beautiful inside and out. Exceptions do exist, if you have really long hair that are difficult to set free, adopt the art of messy buns. Yeah, try out some messy buns or high buns as it looks carefree, casual and beautiful too.
    girly thing
  5. Give your lips a hot bold look -Yes, try a hot red or orange lipstick keeping your eyes nude which would definitely look bold on your casual wear. Avoid any sort of foundation, compacts and eye shadows since your rest of make-up need to look subtle.
    girly thingSo, you can try all of these to explore yourself this semester and decide how to dress up in your next semester for a change. Good luck girls!

[author image=”” ]Nishi Dangi is pursuing English literature in Bharati College, Delhi University, Delhi. [/author]

ATH Featured Post Lifestyle Pallavi Rohatgi

A Tribute to the biggest lies of our lives

Those were the times when we believed anything we were told- like this world has unicorns, a fairy will come and take you to a Wonderland, when we feared darkness and believed life is fair…

  1. Dreams are dreams Just follow them
    Saw a dream where a you small town girl turn into a princess someday??How fascinating it is. Isn’t it??Well but the stark reality is dreams can only be achieved when chased. Wake up, work hard, and run after to make your dream come true…In reality fate matters more than luck.
  1. This big misconception of school & college
    Admit it no school is like Karan Johar’s “Student of The Year”. Mini skirts, untied hair, and what not. No rules, no regulations and that is what happens only in movies!
  1. Salary comes and salary goes
    Haha it’s exactly like money comes in like a tortoise and vanishes away like a rabbit.Received the monthly pay today and in that happiness you spent a bit on yourself, household bills kills, food rates today are high, and from 100% in your hand it comes down to 40% or even below.
    So, it’s not like you are Ambani’s kid and you can go all day long munching on everything you want.
  1. Blame the movies, I say.
    You see a girl today and fall in love with her, there is a villain you fight with, make your families agree for the marriage and you live happily ever after! Seriously??Someone will come on a horse to take you along; Some Jaadu kinda alien will come to your rescue and stuff!
    Goodmorning, Welcome to real life where you have to learn and earn, fight for love, Work and die!!
  1. No TGIF?
    Friday arrives and there is a smile on everyone’s face that finally weekend is round the corner. But wait a second weekend means tones of other work. The leftover at office/job/college to be completed; household chores can’t be ignored now!
    So it might sound pleasing that “Thank God it’s Friday” it’s not actually a thanking to God. And when weekend arrives another load comes in with a thought “5 minutes back it was Friday”!!
  1. Big LOL
    Laughing out loud!! But do we really do that? Burdened under various pressures and tensions we have lost our smiles so how to even think about laughter? A fake smile a false face is what we all wear. But why??Take out some “Me-Time” and have “Live Out Loud-LOL”.
    So, as it’s said that Life isn’t about pleasing anyone but yourself, so make happiness your first choice and life with a bang! J

[author image=”” ]Pallavi Rohatgi is a student of Bharati college,University of Delhi pursuing English Honours. She has been awarded ‘The student of the year’ by The Times Of India.She writes as an author on blogs and has done a Certified course in Writing under the US Embassy.She likes to take up on Social issues and Women empowerment.[/author]

ATH Relations

Live in Relations:A loving relationship is one in which the loved one is free to be himself

“A loving relationship is one in which the loved one is free to be himself — to laugh with me, but never at me; to cry with me, but never because of me; to love life, to love himself, to love being loved. Such a relationship is based upon freedom and can never grow in a jealous heart.”
Live in relationships are a taboo in most parts of our country and its culture is considered pale, but India’s metros are still becoming a breeding ground for intrepid couples who are taking up live-in as a choice to build up the compatibility in their relationship at various levels. “In modern times, live-in relationship has become an acceptable norm. It is not a crime,” a bench of Justices Dipak Misra and Prafulla C Pant observed. With time, as the concept attains a legal acceptance in the society, the number of couples is remarked as ever growing. Before still considering it a taboo in a country where parents kill their children for an inter caste love affair, one needs to know these five reasons why India should embrace live-in relationships.

  1. Compatibility test
    A couple has to take in a lot before starting any relationship. And if it is about being together for life, one has to know the degree of compatibility between them and their partner. Living with each other still either get you in a lifelong relationship or get you out of a relationship that you could never handle for lifetime.
  2. Freedom
    In a live-in relationship, since you aren’t into a bond that is going to feel like a burden, you both can enjoy freedom and be with each other at the same time. You already know that invading your partner’s personal space can get you into ruining things, and that the door is always open for one to move out, you will make an extra effort to make that bond grow.
  3. More time with each other
    What can be better than a little cuddle up with your partner after a worked up day? Live-in relationships allow you to spend time with each other even after a busy day at work. The frustration dissolves too soon after feeling loved from your partner. Conventionally, you don’t get to spend that quality time with your partner if you are not in a live-in.
  4. Financial freedom
    Both the partners have an equal say in the relationship and they handle all the financial matters together. From the budgets to the bills, they decide together and that gives them a scope to look up to each other for things relating to household.
  5. 24*7 emotional support
    There are different phases in one’s life when you feel out of place with burden and frustration. It is when you need a partner to fulfil that need for a strong emotional support and for guiding you through the tough times of your life. Live-in allows you to celebrate such a bond with the least realization of responsibilities towards each other.