A fresh perspective with a hint of newness was what Day 6 of the Malhaar Virtual Video Film Festival looked like

Those who are attending the Malhaar Film Festival are already aware of the fantastic set of events happening every day. Day 4 was all about overcoming obstacles and that there is enough room for every filmmaker in the industry.The day started with two conversational sessions with Shanaya Tuli and Raaj Raahi and ended with a masterclass by Husain Akbar. 

The first conversation started at its usual time of 7:00 PM IST and ended at 8:01 PM IST. The conversation was about overcoming obstacles with the guest of the evening, the strong and graceful ex-Indian model and mental health advocate Shanaya Tuli. Her journey started when she was doing her botany at Delhi University. Later on, she took part in a beauty pageant where she was crowned the winner. After shifting to Mumbai, she worked with the top designers in the fashion industry and climbed up the ladder of her successful career. Soon after, she got her big break when she worked in her first ever commercial with Badshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan and did another commercial with the talented member of the Bachchan family, Abhishek Bachchan. In her session at the Malhaar Film Festival about overcoming obstacles, she told the audience about how life is all about working hard and that life is full of ups and downs, but you have to get up and jump over every hurdle in your life to reach wherever you want to be.

The second conversation started right after the first one at 8:00 PM IST with the second guest of the evening, Raaj Raahi. He is the founder of World Cinema Partners in the USA. He is an outstanding producer, director, and distribution consultant with over 20 years of experience in television, cinema, and media events. He is a well-known international creative production specialist. Raaj has worked with companies such as Sony Pictures, Lions Gate, Time Warner-Pictures House, HBO, Fox Searchlight, Universal, Jackie Chen Production House, Zee Television Network, Star US Network, and many more as a filmmaker and consultant. Right now, he is focusing on co-producing, acquiring, and distributing Hollywood, Bollywood, and worldwide content for electronic media. 

In between all that, he became a part of the popular Malhaar Fim Festival and recounted his trip from India to America, meeting hundreds of creators and analysing thousands of films. Due to his distribution expertise, he addressed at length how filmmakers should consider all alternatives before abandoning their projects because every picture has a market. In his session on the topic, there is a market for every picture, he emphasised the importance of film festivals for Indie filmmakers to gain exposure by saying, “There are thousands of films that deserve a chance. Film Festivals play a huge part in this, because many times, a Film Fest director gives their recommendations as to which films fared the best in the festival, and which are the ones to look out for. This saves me the time to review each and every one. So Do take your film to as many film festivals as possible. As distributors, we also look at the film festival journey of a film. We notice if a particular film has performed well at multiple film festivals. But before that, you have to take your film to places. You’ll have to be vulnerable. “

The last event of the evening was a masterclass by Husain Akbar on using natural light effectively. Husain Akbar is an Indian Director of Photography. He told people about his path as a director of photography and how it had brought him face to face with some extraordinary narratives and personalities. In his outstanding workshop, he instructed attendees on how to make the best use of natural light to bring life to their photographs and make them more creative and aesthetically appealing.

This year, Malhaar raised the stakes with a stellar jury panel comprised of renowned entertainment industry artists such as Adil Husain (national award-winning Indian actor), Rajit Kapoor (Indian actor and director), Sameer Nair (CEO of Applause Entertainment Limited), Neeraj Kabi (self-taught Indian actor and producer), and Amitesh Grover (Theater artist and author & associate professor at the National School of Drama). K. Rajagopal, the Special Jury Prize winner of the Singapore International Film Festival, as well as short film director Gautam Vaze and Ajayan Vincent, a well-known cinematographer, have all been welcomed to the film festival.

This was the day 6 activity at the Malhaar Virtual Video Film Festival. If you thought that was everything, think again because the virtual video film festival has a lot more in store for the remaining four days.

The Malhaar Film Festival, which will run from August 19 through August 28, 2022, was launched with a grand opening ceremony and master sessions by some of the most renowned artists on its first day and has continued to engage and inspire the audience with such astonishing sessions every day. Join the Malhaar Global Virtual Video Festival to see all of these dynamic and fascinating workshops, as well as Live Q&A with filmmakers.

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