Top 8 Websites to Use When You Are Bored

The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulate the creative mind.

-Albert Einstein


Everyone gets bored with doing the same repetitive tasks, right? And hence where a creative find comes to play because when we are occupied with several tasks we do not get time for ourselves to think, and therefore, we are not able to discover and explore the fun and creative aspects.

Even a content writer gets bored surfing the internet in search of good articles and blogs. So guess what? So, I went through a bunch of sites, and what I find? A few interesting and fun sites can be put to use while suffering from boredom.

So what are you waiting for? Sitting idle, and feeling monotonous? Let’s hop on into some interesting sites and get you out of your comfort zone as well as boredom!

There are a variety of sites that are fun and produce unique content on an everyday basis. Here are 8 suggestions –

1. Unlimited books for free

Being a writer, I would firstly recommend reading books. So this one is for all those who like reading. Several sites are available to hop on and start reading books. Kindle is free and paid, but there is another site to go on – Wattpad which is again free as well as premium, NetGallery (free), and many such.

2. Pinterest

To begin with, we all like seeing creative ideas and exploring them more. Watching trendy ideas and putting them to use is one of the fun things to do. Pinterest has lots of trendy, new, and creative ideas to work upon.

3. Buzzfeed

Another interesting site to surf across can be Buzzfeed. They have the most interesting content on their site, from news, and entertainment to fun and whatnot, it is altogether a creative and fun site to light up your mood!


Reddit is a fun site. It is basically for people to find like-minded people like themselves. They make memes. They post humorous memes and troll Youtubers, and others. The trolls can be quite hilarious to watch even. You can also use the site for knowledgeable purposes, to learn something new and useful like about business, finance, crypto, etc. you can, you can also ask questions also explore fan edits as well for their favorite personality.

The best part is if you don’t see something of your interest you can build your own community.

5. Quora

Quora is another site where you want to spend some in gaining knowledge. Over there, people post questions and answers.

People give answers to people’s questions of various interests. It is yet again an interesting site and you get to gain lots of information from it. It is also great to read about different perspectives and opinions people hold related to various topics. You get to know about different people and also about their interests. You also can get multiple answers to one question.


You must have heard about 9Gag. They are the coolest and funniest of all. They post the finest collections of memes. It is one of the best sites to kill your boring time. They also have an Instagram where they are much more active and enthusiastic. So you can follow them too on Instagram and check that out too.

This is not sponsored Advertisement for the Instagram page of 9Gag.   

7. Tumblr

It is fun blogging and social media tool that allows people to publish their Tumbleblogs or short blogs. It is a site where even celebrities, influencers, and television personalities are active at the same time. It is a microblogging platform and social networking website. Good quotes, and reading beautiful and expressive poetry can be found easily on Tumblr. The site is full of creative artists and writers.

8. Video streaming sites

How can we forget this? Video streaming sites are the most entertaining and the best way to pass the boring time. For all the movie fanatics, or cinephiles, this could be the most visited, and engaging site to be at. There are a bunch of video streaming sites that are paid and free. To name a few –

Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Mubi, Youtube, Hulu, and Fmovies.

One of my favorite sites to surf for binge-watching movies, shows, etc. is Youtube and then Fmovies because the best part of the sites is that you can watch almost anything here, and all the movies and shows are readily available here that too free.

The second best to recommend is Netflix because that is also one of the most interesting places to be at. They have their original series which can be enjoyed without any disturbance, Ad-free, and you can even watch them with friends, and family by streaming your favorite shows or movies with your favorite people through Netflix watch party. This is the best feature and extension that can be used to enjoy your time.

There are lots of various sites available to surf and spend time to kill boredom other than these. These were a few that I enjoy talking about and writing about!

Go and kill your boredom right away!

Written by: Tanvi

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