India’s biggest Virtual Film Festival “Malhaar” begins; Here is a sneak peek of Day 1 and Day 2

The Malhaar film festival has arrived with a big bang, and the sound of the thunderous inauguration can be heard all over the globe. On the second day of the Malhaar Global virtual video festival, the filmmakers worked on micro-content and paid attention to the details. 

The event kicked off with a live masterclass with the one and only Kylie Hitchcock, the big brain with a unique directorial vision. Kylie is an award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter who has a specialization in narrative cinema and television and has won honours for best director, best drama, and artist of the year at various international film festivals. Though the filmmaker has her new hybrid paranormal series on the way, she graced the attendees to share her remarkable skills in the masterclass. 

The masterclass was held on the 20th of August, 2022 at 10:00 pm in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi. The topic of the master class was “What they don’t teach you at film school about Screenwriting with Kylie Hitchcock.” In the master class, the award-winning director gave an insight into the secrets and subtleties of screenwriting. She took the attendees through her process of penning down a story and how to make your audience connect to your narrative. 

She highlighted the idea of authenticity and how it is important to keep your audience hooked up to your story. She quoted that “A story, any story that I am working on, has to, has to, has to germinate from personal experiences. It may not have happened to me personally, but it should be something that has affected me in some way. Authenticity is important. 

Authenticity is actually what keeps making people’s heads turn.

As a screenwriter, you’ve got to write about something you’ve experienced. “

While emphasizing the importance of authenticity, Kylie also took the audience through her painful experience of losing her beloved grandmother to Alzheimer’s. Though it was a very challenging time for her, she turned her grief into a work of art and served it as an inspiration for one of her projects. 

Besides that, she also discussed about her project “The Human Frailty”, which was prompted by a camping trip she made with her husband during the peak of the COVID 19 pandemic. Overall, her masterclass was a wonderful session on how to bring authenticity to your work and channel your inner creativity into a masterpiece. She made the audience feel at ease and taught them how to transform their emotions such as sadness, happiness, rage, or fear into a narrative in order to connect with the audience on a personal level. She also taught the audience how to take advantage of even the worst situations and make the most of them.

This excellent masterclass was a successor to the first masterclass, which was held on August 19th, 2022. The first day of the Malhaar Global virtual video festival was as thriving as the second day. The beginning of this big event was done by none other than Keshav Sharma. The highly enlightening session gave the attendees a deep understanding of NFTs and how they are considered modern-day collectibles. He gave a splendid masterclass on the topic of beginners’ indulgence in NFTs after the marvellous grand opening ceremony of the film festival.

This year, Malhaar upped the ante with a spectacular jury panel comprised of renowned showbiz artists such as Adil Husain (national award-winning Indian actor), Rajit Kapoor (Indian actor and director), Sameer Nair (CEO of Applause Entertainment Limited) and Neeraj Kabi (self-taught Indian actor and producer)

Sonia Swaroop Choksi, the festival’s director, congratulated the jury members and other participants as the Malhaar film festival was ready to begin. She extended her appreciation to everyone who helped bring the event to life and gave it huge relevance. She also mentioned how the event was open to all filmmakers by saying, “Whatever story you want to tell, we welcome you with open arms.” 

She further added, “After the grand success of its first edition, the Malhaar festival is back this year to give a platform to filmmakers to show their magic with their movies on themes like mental health, education, migration, gender issues, and passion,” and gave a sneak peek into what’s in the box this season.

The festival took place from August 19th, 2022, with numerous masterclasses, panel discussions, and process walkthroughs, all lined up till August 28th, 2022. Participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience so that you don’t have the feeling of missing out on a big opportunity!

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