Women a good housewife or a good entrepreneur? The question itself is having the answer. A woman is the person who handles both the family and the career .A woman is said to be a housewife but a man is never said to be househusband. From past to present and till future women shall be succeeding in every single field of life.

Women gets best higher education in different fields sets their own goals and achieves them, but when it comes to their family they are able to sacrifice everything for their family that shows how they manage to be good housewife and good entrepreneur.

We have a lot a inspiring women entrepreneur as Indra Nooyi(CFO,pepsico), Chanda Kochar(MD & CEO – ICICI Bank),Simone Tata(Chairperson (Former), Lakme Chairperson (Present),Trent Limited) etc. These women are one of the almost successful persons in India. All of them have family, parents, husband and children. On being at such good posts all of them are best housewives holding both family and business together. One of the reasons for their success is that because all of them are good housewives. The support, love and encouragement of their families provide them the strength to do the best. Provides them the ideas how to serve public better. Being a good housewife makes them aware about the needs of family members which provide them the idea about the needs of public and how to build up a business to fulfill those needs. Managing a house (family) is more than managing a company since you have to look at need of every single person. You have to take decisions and you are fully responsible for the consequences.

Sometimes it happens that women have to choose either family or business, but it actually depends on person how a individual deals with it. With time the priorities of every single person changes. It happens that for a particular stage of life a woman is a good entrepreneur but for another stage is a good housewife. A woman has different roles in her personal life (daughter, wife, mother, daughter-in-law etc.).A woman handles the family as the prime minister. She binds the family and do every small task from making food to washing clothes. She handles her parents, husband, children, In-laws and her career too. It is really amazing and wonderful that how she gets that much of strength. It is always being said that behind a successful man there is a woman. A woman treats her business like the family, she nurtures it dedicately, providing the helping hand to everyone. She treats her business like her children taking care of what is good or bad for it? For her the employees are like her family members and for them, she is able to take both harsh and easy decisions. She is practical as well as emotional depending on the situation. The logic behind a woman being good entrepreneur is a good housewife and vice versa is fully satisfied.

A woman clearly shows that to be good entrepreneur not only business but social skills are also needed. The success of a business is majorly dependent on the employees, here your skills are needed, how to provide best working conditions for the employees, how to get best of them, how to increase their potential and all these things sounds quiet like a mother handles her children. So, it is totally wrong saying that a good housewife can’t be a good entrepreneur or a good entrepreneur can’t be good housewife. A woman is a good housewife and a good entrepreneur too.

Submitted By:
Pooja Chaudhary
Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University For Women

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