Why the education system India needs to change?

You know you are a pro at maths , still you mug up social science,You know everybody loves your voice, still you study Physics unwillingly.You know that football is made for you,still you have to struggle with the chemical formulas.You know ,you have a knack for Fashion and designing, still you bear the boring Geography classes. Pretty much you know everything about you, but still… you can’t help it.

This is what the education system in India is all about, you got to study things that are in no way contributing to what you want to be.Ever wondered, why a genius like Einstein failed in his classes, it’s clear-” he didn’t like it”.But ever wondered , why Einstein is Einstein-“because he did what he LoVeD…”

The education in India doesn’t allow you to do what you love you are bound to follow the “Herd Mentality”. Innovation and creativity is missing in the system. While some students are born to study the established things and become great philosophers, there are some other kinds who have the zeal to create something new.Indian students rarely get the motivation and guide to put forward their innovative ideas, such is the system. After 10th, a student has just three options- Science ,Arts or Commerce.Don’t you think there is a dire need for combination courses,where students can opt for a major and a minor subject? If students in America can pursue physiotherapy with Art History and Biological sciences with photography, why not in India?

Trends clearly show that the educated people in India are increasing , but their employability skills are far from the minimum standards.Some people even after their graduation fail to do the basic maths(credits-“Memorise the formula method”).

Basic skills like reading ,writing , analyzing must be established in every student.But honestly , How many people, even with higher education can write a simple application CoRRectly…Be it Hindi or English.!! An overall development in the personality of a person is what is definitely needed,people got to come out of their cocoons to face the real world.Aiming for high scores and mugging up the night before the exams is not education in any sense.

One should be able to explore , innovate and create and it is in this process that you are able to discover yourself.

[author image=”http://www.aapkatimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Aishwarya-Sharma.jpg” ]Aishwarya Sharma is an engineering student.Loves sci-fi badly.Adores Iron man and believes that sooner or later earth is gonna be ruled by Artificial Intelligence.Believes in the motto – “You live only once”.She loves to explore, learn,share and talk.She is a feminist and truly believes in girl power.Not very particular with writing style.Just writes what she believes in and think is worth sharing.She is a freelancer and writes as her hobby.[/author]

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