PINJRA TOD : “break the cage”

“Pinjra Tod” which means “break the cage” is a campaign to fight against gender discrimination in hostel premises and PG accommodations, has become very popular in the coming days of September. The two colorful words- Pinjra Tod were scrawled across campus gates and walls along with graffiti. These women share their bitter experiences with their wardens, landlords, guards, care-takers, etc. It grew out of a facebook page which was seen as a response to an online campaign that was started against sexist rules in women’s hostels particularly emphasizing on those that disallow women from staying out late. It is known that all the women’s hostel does not allow girls to stay out after dark. However these students want to break up this protocol and have shown their protest in a unique way with this whole idea of campaigning. In today’s World these girls too want to be liberated and free from all prejudices and thus do not wish to be discriminated in any way possible. Isn’t it seem funny that an adult women can’t even decide where she’ll be at night…Although everyone knows that the city is not safe but that doesn’t mean they should not be allowed to stay out after dark. Every institution talk about gender equality but the difference in boys and girl’s hostel timing give them away. The restrictions on the number of nights a student may spend outside the campus, the long process of obtaining permission, the curfews being imposed are some of the major concerns across the universities in the capital. The members of the campaign believe that women don’t have to be caged at all. Authorities need to stop controlling and regulating the lives of these young adult women’s in the name of “safety”.

Comprising of women from different universities of Delhi University, Jamia Millia Islmia, Jawaharlal Nehru University, National Law University , and Ambedkar University had silently put up posters addressing on direct challenges, spreading the word through various social media networks. Many students who although doesn’t stay at hostels have still supported the campaign for women’s right and the whole idea of gender equality. There are currently active 50 members of this pinjra Tod campaign whose main issue of concern is gender inequality in hostels as well in paying guest accommodations. Pinjra Tod’s petition is gaining immense popularity and signatures online.

Recently the two campaigners of Pinjra Tod : Shambhavi Vikram Singh and Subhashini Shriya received calls from unknown mobile number and were threatened with violence on Monday, leading to a group of people gathering at Maurice Nagar Police Station for filing the FIR to be registered in this. The Pinjra Tod women have new posters now saying “You can’t lock the walls”.

 Now I would just like to say that every time we talk so much about feminism at its best, but it’s not safe for us to go out at night what kind of hypocrisy is it? So let’s join the cause and bring about true gender equality!

[author image=”” ]I am Daniya Tabassum, presently pursuing Sociology hons from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. I love to read and write and have a keen interest in teaching as well. [/author]

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