Thirteen reasons why Summer Vacations are great !

The wait is over and the vacation season is here. I know we all use to long for it so that we could just relax, but it is only this time that you can indulge in something and not be stressed about studies. Along with relaxing doing something productive will be beneficial in the long run.

So it’s the time you get out of the bed and buckle up your shoes. Here are the few things you could do:

#1 Find an internship

Start following your passion, it would help explore subject of your interest and gain more knowledge about it. Also the stipend you earn will be enough for paying your cafe bills.

#2 Get out the artist in you

Painting, Photography, Writing or creating something will help you learn and also calm you from the year-long stress.

#3 Go on a trip

What else can be better time to explore new places, experience different cultures and try new food. You can go on a vacation, Bag packing trips or if you don’t plan on leaving your city you could go for weekend treks or be tourist in your own city.

#4 Get your hands on good books

It would just not serve the purpose of entertaining but will enhance your imagination skills and vocabulary.

#5 Maintain your health by sweating out

Start your day with some sport, jogging, yoga or even swimming is a good way to beat the heat.

#6 Time for a makeover

You can experiment with your looks, try out different hairstyles, try out new trends


#7 Start a blog

write to express. you can turn yourself into a blogger and try fashion, lifestyle, technical or any other sort of blog

#8 Learn a new language

Learn a new language by taking classes or even apps like duo-lingo can help you with it.

#9 Try gardening

Grow organic fruits and vegetables and keep yourself healthy during this season.

#10 Take up Volunteering

Help the society in ways you could by being a part of any NGO or social program

#11 Learn a new software

Try to be Techno-savvy , learn a new software which would benefit you like Photoshop, Premier pro

#12 Spend time with your loved ones

there would be no other appropriate time to mingle with family and friends. Have get together, hang out with them, spend time with them because even they have vacations.

#13 Alas!! ENJOY!!

whatever you do don’t forget to have fun!

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