These DU girls setting up a perfect example of self-reliability all we need today

Delhi University is better known for its hustle bustle in and around North Campus and its students are known for their new happenings every now and then. This is what makes DU attractive.

And The DU Elections are no less than Delhi Government’s elections. The difference is DU campuses become a heap of pamphlets during the manifestos. Well, heap is a much plain word to describe the scenario of the campuses.
no-poster-partyNot only walls of colleges become marred but the roads turn into some paper carpet that has been roll off to welcome the elections. It appears less a university campus where everything must be decent. Much greater the irony is to see that this is done by students of the same university trying to get votes in order to become a responsible caretaker of the students meant to preserve their educational environment.

Well, passing across the campus roads we criticize elections and the supporters, representatives who have disfigured the site of our colleges’ campuses and boundaries. But least number of people care to find a way out and to step forward to take the charge to make our surroundings clean.Among these least amount of people are the seven students of Miranda House, Delhi University; Simran kapoor, Maria Hasan, Kanupriya Awathi, Nancy Sharma, Swastika Kharbanda, Jaya Chauhan, and Aditi who cared enough to take a step and make their campuses clean without any politics or blaming it to others. These girls made their own group named ‘No Poster Party’ against the litters and the wastage of papers that student parties do in order to promote themselves around campus .
no-poster-partyThey simply made a Facebook group in order to spread the word of awareness among the student population to make it a great success and clean the campus poster free and litter free. It is noteworthy that they used social media to promote their campaign. It is a perfect example of promoting a particular event can be done in a proper way; using technology not necessarily the paper which must be saved, not misused.

Thus, No Poster Party(NPP) made its first step in a right direction. And what else do the students want? They formed the group of girls and divided the strength of students in three teams and dispersed in the campus and completed the task of cleaning DU.

Now, what to do of the collected wasted paper pamphlets. They first decided to give it to the Recycling Unit but failed unexpectedly. So, they gave it to the scrap dealers and dumped the rest. Hence, these students did something with responsibility which is not even imagined earlier by anyone. The winning student parties must realize their responsibility to keep the campus clean after any such promotional events. After all, every student votes the representative in hope of bringing a change. And change begins with ordinary things.

It is a matter of being responsible especially when you are educated and well aware of importance of cleanliness and resources. And the way these young ones themselves took the charge, every citizen outside the university campus ought to give it a thought that when just a few number of people can bring a little change in an enclosed space, then what would be the future of the country, state, city, locality when each and every citizen come together and think of solving their own problems. This short campaign teach us a few lessons; if you want a change then be an initiator, don’t blame others for their lack of responsibility.

Observing such students working in a right and progressive direction is what gives you the pride of being a part of DU whereas beholding the ones who caused it makes you look pitiable. Though ,people who are appreciating NPP should learn something from it and next time be a part of it and sometime  all of us together can make another change somewhere.


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