Having dealt with a number of business meetings with high end dignitaries, including the rail and IT ministers, SundarPichai, the CEO of Google made his way to the commerce beat of Delhi University, Shri Ram College of Commerce on 17th December 2015.

Hundreds of students had assembled in SRCC sports complex from both, schools and colleges. Pichai, on his tour to meet government officials and the google executive, endeavored to share the company’s vision to improve web- connectivity in India. Although, the prime agenda of this interactive session at SRCC was an informal one, where being born in Chennai, Pichai intended to talk about his good old days, his struggle in the US and the career build up at Google.

At 1:09 P.M, SundarPichai received a warm welcome by the SRCC students in the Sports Complex of the college. Anchored by Harsha Bhogle, the event sped up to a number of questions about technology and struggles of an Indian to establish himself in such a huge firm. Harsha Bhogle on the other hand gave the title of being the “Rahul Dravid of Technology” to Pichai.

Pichai talked about his dream of becoming a cricketer and his avid interest in technology. He briefed the gathering about a number of aspects such as the relevance of google, how it lies in the concept of “what’s next?” which is to capture the trend and make it happen. Educating the youth about the importance of following dreams and to take risks, how Indians are tremendous in software development as compared to other countries and how internet would connect humanity and would have a profound influence on the lives of many were some of the key features in consideration.

The students too showed tremendous interest and enthusiasm as showcased by a number of questions asked by them:

Question 1: Why don’t we still not have Android version named after an Indian dessert?
“We keep looking at these names but may be for the next version — Android N — we will Have an online poll and if all Indian users vote, we are sure to have Android named after an Indian dessert”, jokes Pichai

Question 2: What is your vision about the free Wi-Fi service that Google is implementing in 500 railway stations across India?
Answer:“I used to take the Koramandal express from Chennai to IIT Kharagpur”, says Pichai

Question 3:How is your vision different from that of Larry Page and Sergey Brin?
Answer: “The reason we’ve been able to do is that I share a lot of what they believe. Of course there are differences but we have debates about this. I share a lot that’s common than not,” says Pichai.

Question 4: Why is the special edition Star Wars cardboard not available for Indians?
Answer: “Ah, we should figure it out? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could give one to everyone in the room? We’re going to figure out a way to give one to everyone here today,” announces Pichai.

Question 5: Is Google a fun place or only for workaholics?
Answer: “Okay, trust me when I say this, I was like a kid lost in a candyshop when I first entered Google. People worked on such amazing things that I just kept wondering” says Pichai

To culminate the event with a click, Harsha Bhogle took a 360 degree selfie with Sundar Pichai to wrap up the event at 2:01 P.M

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